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13 July 2010



Scrumptiously healthy!




Yum! Will keep this in mind for the winter months over here (never far away!)


that`s really tasty!


Love chilli! I can eat it anytime of the year!


I'd like to think of myself as a meat person, but that looks really hearty and comforting!


This looks beautiful and delicious. Although I love my meat, I AM sometimes in the mood for something vegetable, but like you say...with a meaty substance. And your vibrant green beans make it look SO healthy!


I alove chillis with meat & without meat too!

Your vegetarian chilli looks quite delightful!!

MMMMM,..pretty & fab food!

Many kisses from Brussels!


This looks delicious! Vegetarian chili is definitely the way to go

Christie @ Fig and Cherry

Just lovely! Where do you buy MontereyJack cheese in Sydney?

Bridget Davis

Ohhh this looks like a spicy dish.

Thank you

Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef
Sydney [Australia]

thang @ noodlies

I don't mind a change now and again.. this dish makes a great change


Upon looking for Vancouver fodie blogs, I somehow discovered yours. I had to laugh because the post I found was your Granville Island Market post.
I was there today inspired by all the food and of course, I'm from Sydney.
I've just been reading more of your blog and it's like our lives are reversed hehe
Adding you to my RSS. :)



Roslyn Swager

What an interesting twist! Lovely!


Very nice




This looks absolutely delicious! I love healthy food options that have a little kick of spice to them! It's difficult to find healthy meals that are delicious at the same time. This sounds easy to make and you don't need crazy ingredients that I've never heard of. The beans will help to fill me up and the spices will add the flavor. This also opens the door to a wide variety of dishes to pair this with. I could use it as a chip dip or I could put a couple of spoonfulls into a tortilla. I'll definately have to try it!


i am definitely more accustomed to chili with meat but i tried your recipe the other day and it was fantastic. great kick with the spices, and you are spot on with the meatiness of the beans. After tasting, it more than relinquishes the desire for ground beef.

i've been looking for some great vegetarian recipes lately and was very happy to see this posted. You feel great after eating it as well.

p.s. you're anchovy pasta from the other day is also a new favorite. i've tried other variations but you seem to have gotten it just right.

excellent blog.


This looks fantastic! I'll definitely be trying this version next time I make chilli. And I just bought smoked paprika!

I'm a fellow Foodista cook book winner (vegetarian Scotch egg) and love your blog. Mine is at http://atasteofsavoie.blogspot.com/

I hope you visit and follow if your like it.


Looks very interesting!


this looks so scrumptious, not to mention beautiful and I'm convinced even meatlovers will love it!

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