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28 February 2010



Sounds yummy!!! Crab and fish.. nice!

Simon Food Favourites

these sound really good. would have loved to see a cut through photo of what's inside :-)


Looks delicious!! Great photo :)


Be still my heart! zucchini blossoms in March? lucky you.


These look fantastic... stuffed anything is great!


I used to work at a restaurant that served organic squash blossoms stuffed with cheese, so I know your more intricate stuffing must be wonderful. Your photo sure does make it look that way-yum...


This looks delicious. Till date I haven't been able to find cougette flowers in stores but I've has them stuffed with goats cheese and onion marmalade and it was totally morish. As i suspect these were.
Ps: really enjoying reading your blog!


Gosh, my mouth is watering for these. I can't wait to read more about your kitchen adventures! :)


Sorry, I got distracted by the fact that a year later your stuff is still in storage!

dish filter

I want to eat it very very much.It looks so tasty!Why can you cook it?


Beautiful. I want to get my courgettes planted so I can make these asap. Looks like I may have to wait a few months though looking out at the weather


courgette flowers are my favorite thing in te world, I cant wait to cok them your way, well done! cheers from london

tudor clothes

Mouth watery! I'm a seafood lover and this will just sooth me. Nice post!


This looks beautiful! I love the way you put it all together.


Beautiful and love the stuffing!


wow it looks so great!


WOW, looks so good! I love its brown crisp color, makes me want to just pick it up from my computer screen! haha. good stuff

Veggie Belly

squash blossoms are a thing of beauty! yum!

Nursing tank

Crab and barramundi-stuffed zucchini blossoms
hmm taste so delicious!!!!


I have never had zucchini blossoms. This look absolutely fantastic! I work with Better Recipes but to be really honest I have never heard of stuffed zucchini blossom. Like most women, I think it is important to have a arsenal of good Appetizer Recipes on reserve for those nights when your husband invites his boss or coworkers to dinner and only gives you a few hours of notice. I like to be prepared and I think I'll definitely have to try this one and throw it into the mix.

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