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04 January 2010



Great advice, thanks. My poached eggs are always a hit-and-miss affair, no matter how much advice I get! I like to use a small bowl with slanted sides to plop the eggs into the water. I hate that you can only really do one at a time! I never thought to reheat them quickly before serving though (thought it might overcook them), but I'll give it a try. I'm just addicted to poached eggs for breakfast!

Peter G

Happy New Year Syrie...Poached eggs are my biggest challenge in the kitchen. I can't sem to make them correctly. (I use a microwave trick that works half the time). I'll keep your post bookmarked and give it another go.

yours deliciously

Happy New Year! Thank You for sharing..always wondered how these were done..


Thank you so much for the tutorial! Trying to poach eggs has been so demoralizing, so hopefully this will help.


Didn't work for me.


Thanks for this. Finally. I sat down to some great poached eggs this morning. I got it on the second go. I think I had the water too high or something the first time and the bubbles just kind of broke my egg apart. I had to start again with fresh water but it worked great! Thanks.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Happy New Year! Wow that's a great tip about the whirlpool (and cool to see). I know it's a lot of extra dishes to clean up, but I find that breaking the eggs into ramekins first makes it easier to "place" them in the water without causing the kind of turbulence that makes the wispy strands.

I have to say I have yolk envy, even the best eggs I find in stores here aren't nearly as orange as yours.


Thanks for this step by step cooking method for the poached eggs,..very well appreciated!!!

A belated Happy New year to you!!!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

Fantastic capture of the dripping yolk! Egg poaching is one of those deceptively hard things I find! :P


Happy 2010 Syrie!
This poached egg looks fantastic. What a shot!
I love poached eggs. My family has an egg meal every week (sort of like a tradition). We try something new every time. I think this week's will be poached eggs. Thanks for the inspiration!


Happy New Year! Love the dripping egg yolk.


What a beautiful shot! Thanks so much for the step by step photos, and the tips! I've never tried poached eggs (I'm not a fan of runny yolks), but the mister would definitely love this :)

healthy sports

It works!!! :) Thanks..

wedding photographers in Orlando, Florida

Im so running to the store right now and trying this, thanks

Healthy Foods Blog

Thanks for the tips ma'am especially the part on how to choose the real fresh egg. I never knew that chalky ones are fresher than smooth surfaced eggs.


Great tips on poaching eggs and on the freshness of eggs. Nice to know I'm getting fresh ones from my Co-op.


Happy New Year!
I love poach eggs!! It's great to learn!

 baby cribs

Thanks for sharing the tips! I like the way you do it! I always make some and yet they always end up in disaster. But I still eat them though.

Johnny Ancich

Speaking of camels...


Happy new year Syrie! I've only tried this once when I was very young and of course it didn't work out (I didn't even know how to simmer back then... duh). That is a thing of beauty! And yes to black pepper, yum!

Kitchen Butterfly

How yummy is that.................love it, love it, love it


a very very very genius shot! This is the way it is....

Jess Lai

hello Syrie !

this is Jess from class. =)

how are your holidays so far ?
i cant wait to see you again !

this is such an AWESOME blog .. so detailed and all. GOOD WORK !

i always tend to LOVE every picture that you take .. you should show me one day. =]

take care & see you soon !

Health food

Thanks for this.... Finally. I have to try this great poached eggs....


Just made my first poached eggs ever, it was a total success, thanks for your tips!
Yummy yummy, couldn't resist making two more on the spot :)


oooo poached eggs are healthy..i only do em when i have soup noodles but will definetely do it from now on for breakfast!


Let me try this posched egg... good for health

Kat (Spatula, Spoon and Saturday)

god i feel like i would be licking the screen if it wasn't so dusty. maybe i really shouldn't dust afterall since it prevents me from licking the screen when i'm looking at your site!


Your blog was recommended to me by a foodie friend and I've been perusing ever since. The step-by-step poached egg guide is fantastic! Thanks

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