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24 November 2009


Bellini Valli

Chocolate and strawberries are the ultimate Syrie!!!!


It looks delightful! The way you fanned out the strawberries is gorgeous. I still need to master that decorating part of baking... I wish strawberries were in season here in California. I definitely would make this, if that was the case.


What a beautiful strawberry tart and tantalizing photos. I would have the same reluctance to eat the tart after making it look that beautiful.

Peter G

Pastry dough has caused me the most problems in the kitchen....EVER! Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and I have to say that strawberry tart looks amazing! Well done!


wow! your tart looks incredible!


MMMMMMMMM,...I love fresh pastry home made: there's nothing better then that!

Your strawberry tarte looks fabulous, Syrie!! Well done!
And to top that with chocolate pastry cream is over the top!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,...just georgous!!


wow it looks perfect and beautiful!

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One beautiful photo of a very delicious and nice-looking tart! It looks so perfect! Thanks for sharing a wonderful tart recipe!


Ahaha, yes, the eating is the best part :) I always thought it was particularly cruel of the temperate countries such as France to make such beautiful desserts that required both summer fruits *and* cold temperatures for making pastry!

Julia @ Mélanger

What a fabulous strawberry tart!

So tricky to make in hot weather. Very impressive.

You've probably mentioned before, but where are you doing your training????

G. Alarcon

I love the look of your strawberry tart. I would love to bake one that looks exactly like this one for my family.

Great picture, too!


A slice of that tart would be perfect.

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Wow! I like strawberries a lot! This tart looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


You've just put some Summer into my early Winter. This strawberry tart is beautiful!


A gorgoeus looking tart and I agree with Alexa...summer has just entered my home!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

Amazing job with your tart! It looks wonderful. I know what you mean about the Sydney heat making it very hard for psatry making so this is really to be applauded :)

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie - your strawberry tart is perfect. The last time I tried to make it, I was too greedy and packed on too many strawberries on top and they spilled out of the tart and onto the oven. It was a DISASTER. I should just give up baking, I think!


This looks absolutely amazing!!! love the pictures!


that looks reeeally delicious. i made some too but with graham cracker crumbs. take a look!

S Lloyd

Awesome blog that you have there.
Very inspiring. May I ask you something: what type of digital camera + lens are you using? I am also a foodie blogger (focused lately on the top restaurants of Montreal) and do wish to swap my compact camera for a serious Dslr that will take sharp close up eye candy pictures of food at restaurants in particular, food anywhere else in general. Thanks for your inputs.

yours deliciously

Gosh! This dish looks so sexy!!


Whenever my aunt makes one these, I am always the one first in line to taste it.

Raised Garden Beds

I tried making this once and the result was great. Had a nice time tasting my work.

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I have a business and it deals with tarts. I love making them.

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Nice to know that there are posts like this one. I love eating and making tarts and I even opened a business that deals with tarts.

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