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02 November 2009


Peter G

Wow! Love these! the ricotta filling sounds delish...


So delicate-looking and delicious!


Bonjour !!!! It is so...how can i say...my anglish is not too good...so irresitible !!! the pastry looks so good...i really would like to be neer you when your are cooking because everything that you do is so wonderfull !!! i am sure that i would learn a lot whit you !!!!
Kisss !!!

liz Kirby

These were the most delicious pastries I have ever eaten. Thanks Syrie!

bedroom dresser

The filling sounds delicious! I guess it is okay if I use other kinds of berries for the filling.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Making puff pastry is on my list of things to learn. I wish we could get stuff that looks this good at the store here!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

I love making my own puff pastry :D I must try some Careme puff to see how it compares! :)


If you can find a good brand like Careme, I'm convinced you won't need to make it except for learning purposes-- but then again, it's too hot to make puff pastry here.
Anyway, I am totally hungry for these-- the tart berries and the sweet-slightly salty ricotta are a great pair!

Christie @ Fig&Cherry

Fantastic! I adore ricotta with berries. I can't wait to get back to Sydney and eat all the Summer fruit!


So lovely, absolutely lovely!


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,....these filled pastries look so fab to me!! How can you go wrong with berries & ricotta???


Looks beautiful and yummy! I don't mind to have 1 or 2 for breakfast! :)

Julia @ Mélanger

I have eaten Careme before. It's pretty good. But homemade is so much better. It is very time consuming, as you say, but I had good success with a recipe recently - from the Roux baking book.

It's not something I'll make again for a while - it's approaching summer (too hard), and my poor palms are still recovering from all that rolling.

But I would have to say, it's worth the effort. And mine may not have been perfect because I'm way from being professional!


These look so good. I love pastries, especially with berries and ricotta. Thanks for the post and the recipe.


They are beautiful!

Magda Loin

Oooh!!! The puffy puffy puff puff pastry is so yummy it makes me want to dicky dicky!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!!

Budding Chef

Looked tasty but I lacked puff pastry , lemons or ricotta so tried filo, yougurt and orange. Was not a great success but edible, the sugar helps. So ready to try again with right ingredients but now 35" and do not want the oven, so will have to wait until the cool of the evening.


Great recipe, it makes me hungry and love your blog.

Budding Chef

Tried again with much more success, but looked a little dull. When do you add the glaze, paint on before putting in oven?

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This is very adorable! Looks so delicious! I think this would be perfect for the coming Christmas season! Thanks for this outstanding recipe!

Melissa Peterman

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hi,i recently found these recipes,its wonderfull.i salute you,who made these.execellent looking and ommmmmmm yummy.even i am trying to loose weight but i cant control.lol best wishes!

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