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20 October 2009



BBQ looks yummy!!! I can't take my eyes off the knives.. I am big fan of Japanese knives... esp Santoku. :)


Just what I'm looking for. I'm going to check this place out on the weekend. Thanks for the tip on the knives.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

I wish I ate more like you but I do love meat! And Wagyu is my undoing along with bacon :D Those Japanese knives look amazing! I remember Iron Chef Sakai showing us his customised knife-it looked amazing!


Those Japanese knives look great,...!!!

I only tasted once's Wagyu beef I so loved every bite from it, even that I am not a beef eater!!! It is very pricy over here in the best restaurants in Belgium.


I'm distracted too - by the knives :)


The bbq beef looks so tasty. I am also distracted by the knifes


those knives look amazingly good, about the beef, the best i've ver tried, your photos look sooo delicious, well done! cheers from london


Your site is loading super-slowly for me today :( So, did you get a Japanese knife of your own? I'm so jealous!!! :)

Christie @ Fig&Cherry

What an awesome day out! High quality beef and sharp knives - sounds like heaven to me :)

Kate Williams

If you're ever in NYC, check out Japan Premium Beef Inc in Noho for washugyu (wagyu style American beef). There's also an amazing hidden sushi den behind the butcher which cooks its best cuts
PS love your blog!


Man those knives look awesome! Love the pictures on your blog, great work :)


Your posts just get better and better. I do hope, if it's your aspiration, you make the move to television with your own show. I could see you traveling Australia and finding it's hidden gems and cooking dishes that the travels inspired. I've tried your okra recipe and will try your bacon and egg tart tomorrow. What I love is that each recipe is simple and the flavors are derived from the actual ingredients, i.e. you don't have to dress them up with "extras".

Kudos on one of my weekly must visit blogs.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Mmmm... I gorged myself on Ohmi and Kobe (two regional varieties of Wagyu), while i was in Japan this month.

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This bbq is look mouth watering and the knife looks very sharp,...any ways thanks.

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Looks yummy indeed.. I'm starving right now.. :)

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I love cooking because it runs in the family, we are what you call cooking addicts.

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Love eating grilled barbecue especially when it is paired with champagne.

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Just looking at the grill pork makes me hungry already. I can't wait to have barbecue for dinner this coming weekend.

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BBQ is very delicious.But in our city,we can not do that at home,when we want to eat ,we must go to the restaurant .

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