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04 October 2009



OHHHH yes, I hear ya on the busyness - same here :( Hang in there!!

Lovely marmalade!


So glad to hear from you! I hope you are lovig our urban spread :)


Good luck on your new endeavor, Syrie! I know you'll kick arse.
Beautiful pictures! My favorite part about marmalade is biting into the peel :)


What a delightful marmelade and beautiful pictures!




That's nice! always have a dream to take up professional course to become a chef... but, I don't know when that is gonna happen. Keep it up, I am sure you'll do well, Chef Syrie! :)


The marmalade sounds delicious and the photos are beautiful. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been too busy lately to do a blog post!


I hipe that you enjoy your study to become a chef,...I think that you are already one!

This marmelade sounds so good,...MMMMMMMM!!!


Excellent blog ... the marmalade, the photos, the writing ... I always love getting it in the mail. All the best with your career path! You are a natural!

Christie @ Fig&Cherry

Absolutely fantastic photos Syrie! I do love cumquats because of the tartness. I bet the real vanilla mellows the jam a bit though - lovely combination!

Peter G

Good luck with becoming a chef...I'm sure you will be fantastic. I'm trying to imagine the aroma of opening a jar of this to spread on toast in the morning! Yum! looks delicious!


I agree with with Rosa, the images are really great. I currently enjoying myself too in photography nowadays.

Anyway, back to the food, I think will serve as a good gift. Now I know what would be my gift on my grandmother's birthday! yehey!


Good luck with your studies. I know that you will be great!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

Best of luck with your cheffing! :) Sounds veyr exciting. Cumquats are perfect for a marmalade, thanks for a great idea!

Young Werther

Unfortunately I don't have a cumquat tree but I do have lemon. Always at a lost of what to do with them...


Yum... just been out picking fruit this evening and now due to a google search I've landed here in the right place I believe:)

best wishes & thanks for this great recipe


You're studying to become chef!! Good luck, I have no doubt that you will be an excellent one!

Buy Fioricet Online

Cool and interesting dish you have there. I think it has very unique taste. Keep on creating and innovating dishes you can find.


Thanks Veggie Girl. Lovely to hear from you.

Thanks Amanda!

Thanks Mark. Me too. It adds so much depth to the spread.

Thanks for the encouragement my cookinghut!

Thanks for visiting Rosa!

Hi Gail, I know I wish I could post more but it all seems to much. Next year I'll be more regular and frequent with my posts.

Thanks Sophie.

Thanks so much for your kind words Anne. I really appreciate it.

Thanks Christie. The vanilla is a nice addition. I might add some cardamom next time too.

Thanks Peter! Yes the smell just gets better and better.

Thanks Jasmine. Yes they make great gifts.

Thank you Cynthia! Hope all is well with you.

Hi Young, Maybe do a lemon-lime marmalade!

It was meant to be Ribbon! Hope you like it.

Thanks so much Ronnelle!

Thank you for visiting BFO.


Good luck with ur studies!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks wonderful, unfortunately kumquats are so expensive here, a jar of jam would cost a fortune! Good luck with your chef studies!

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Some people say the taste of cumquat is strange .But i like its taste.We often eat it as fruit.

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