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05 July 2009


Simon Food Favourites

love the photo. looks so delicious!


Thanks for the report! I actually had minestrone today, but of course this looks more elegant :) I think GR puts on a character for the show-- a little more caricature-ish. I think he's a bit nicer in real life, especially when not with pro chefs.


looks fab, and a dead ringer for what I saw today at the Good Food Show. Magpie adds a very special touch.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

I admit I love Gordon. I thought that he might have lost it a bit after the TG incident but when he looked into my eyes when he signed my book all was forgiven! :)

Christie @ Fig & Cherry

Fantastic photo Syrie! I'm sad I missed Gordon in Sydney as I'm OS at the moment.

Totally agree with your method of staggered seasoning. It really gives the flavours time to develop together and no risk of over-salting! - A cooks nightmare ;)


That Minestrone looks and sounds good! An interesting summer recipe!




I like the simplicity presentation of yours! Gordon Ramsay is probably the most well known celebrity chef in the UK. He swears a lot and I think that is a bit frustrating. There's no doubt that he is a good chef and I used to like watching his programs on the TV. But, everything seems to be only Gordon Ramsay in the UK and no one else. I think sometimes, there are still many other chefs that are better than him, but not as popoluar. He has stolen all the limelight!


The dish looks fab! the bird looks fab too!


Malcolm is very handsome. I'm sure he loved the cod and was singing all day about it.

Beautiful photos too! I think I'd like a bit more in my bowl, however.


Malcolm looks like he might be a tough foodie critic to please, unless there is fish involved! Great post as usual, keep them coming!

Jackie @ PhamFatale.com

I love Gordon Ramsay's creations even though I'm not a big fan of the person in general. Your dish sounds fabulous yet healthy at the same time. I'll try to remember and add barley, it's so nutritious


Yeah, Gordon is foul-mouthed and crude but I love to watch him cook and I do pick up lots of good tips from his shows and books.

Marc @ NoRecipes

I'm not in the GR fan club, but his food always sounds so good. Looks like you've made a fine recreation. I love your bowls!


I love your photography! It's so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am totally adding you to my reader :)

Erin Walker

Oh, wow, this Minestrone looks wonderful. I can't wait to give it a try. I love the funny antics of your magpie! :)

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After seeing him live though I can see why people are fascinated by him. He’s charismatic, he’s confident and he exuded a potent energy that spilled over into the crowd.

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Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking for it for ages.

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