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03 June 2009



Ooh, I LOVE basa! They would make excellent tod mun pla! I hear Australians are also very fond of Vietnamese food-- I wonder how long before Filipino food creeps in? Ha ha ha :)

Simon Food Favourites

they look yummy. i like how they are rustic looking.


Looks great! Amazing photograph, wish I was out back on my porch with that dish sitting in front of me


What a great photo and a great, different recipe. Thanks for bringing to my attention a new recipe. Looks awesome!

Sue | Cater

Hi there
Once again great photo, making tummy rumble, this is a very different dish, sound delicious, will have to give it a try.


Oooooh,...Syrie: the


Ooooooh,...Syrie: the Thai fish cakes look superb & very tasty! I adore your lovely dipping sauce: yummie!


Looks good! I love thai fish cakes!!


they look and sound so good! I love Thai food, so spicy and flavourful!


These fish cakes with red curry paste sound really tasty! The dipping sauce would be perfect for them as well.


I love fish cakes but have never tried making the Thai version. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


This sounds delicious. I love Thai fish cakes. This is one more reason I need a food processor.


Aren't you so glad you bought a food processor? I absolutely adore mine. It was such a great purchase. Worth every penny...and they aren't that terribly expensive in the first place.

These look divine, by the way :-)


My favorite!! I would demolish all of these before you had time to say "why don't you try some of this lovely dipping sauce?"

Kim da Cook

Wow this looks so good, its lunch time now and my mouth is just watering, you really do love Thai cooking.


Hi Mark, yes the Vietnamese is very popular and really fantastic here -- I haven't seen much Filipino but next time I see a restaurant I'm going to try it!

Thanks Simon! yes mine weren't as flat as they should be but I preferred them more puffed up as they were softer to bite into.

Aww thanks My Food Rocks! I hope you try them out!

Thanks Grilled Shane -- it's a great combination of flavors and pretty easy to make.

thanks for visiting Sue!

Thanks Sophie -- I love the sauce as it's so refreshing and sweet yet sour.

Me too Cookinghut! Thanks for visiting!

Thanks PigPig!

Ooh Cynthia I'd love to try your version!

get onto it Karin! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Julia -- I know. Can't believe it took me so damn long!

Cheers Gerry! Glad i had them all to myself!

Yes love it Kim -- They just know how to mix flavors so well!

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these Thai fish cakes look tasty, I will try to make it at home, thank you for sharing the recipe

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Yes i also love to eat my favorite foods.And It's easy and relatively quick. Once again great photo, making tummy rumble, this is a very different dish, sound delicious, will have to give it a try. i could literally have this recipe on the table in about 30 minutes. And again, you're looking at another budget recipe, especially if most of this is already in your pantry, and i will check out some of the other curry recipes in the main dish section.

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Hate it when that happens !

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