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14 June 2009



Ouch! I actually can't imagine how cold it could get in Australia, but how weird that you have an entirely different reaction to Canadian cold :) At least it gives you a reason to make one of my favorite soups? ;) Hang in there Syrie!


I love asparagus soups, but i prefer the white ones more because they have a mors subtile flavour. Belgium is known for their white ones! But I am going to make this one for sure!
Looks fab!


Hey, Syrie. Beautiful photo as usual. I'm sure you'll be able to tough out the Sydney winter!


The soup looks so comforting and good. Nothing like a good soup in cold weather. Also, I love creme fraiche. Delicious! Keep warm :)


I love asparagus but never made a soup with it.


This looks delicious, Syrie. It's funny, as I was reading this, I realized I have my space heater on under my desk because, even though it's summer here, my office is freezing! My ankles will start burning soon I'm sure.

Stay warm, and keep those soups coming!


May and June in Vancouver have been, thus far, phenomenal. We're practically pinching ourselves. On the downside, it makes cooking indoors somewhat unbearable. Any plans to return soon? For a visit?

Julia @ Mélanger

If it is an consolation, I lived through 5 long, bitter Boston winters - up to -30C. And I now complain of the cold in Brisbane. I think you get used to things quickly. :)

Christie @ Fig & Cherry

Love that ramekin and gorgeous colour in this shot Syrie!


What a lovely looking soup! The color is gorgeous


gorgeous colour indeed!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Great flavoured soup! I agree, Sydney doesn't do Winter as well as other countries. Our houses just aren't built warm enough for it!

Young Werther

Ha ha... welcome to Sydney. Must say the last few days have been very warm though. Love soup in winter!

Cooking quite a bit with Jap, Butternut pumpkin and kumera.

Kim da Cook

Your photos of you food always look so amazing.
Thank you for another wonderful recipe, I just love soups and being winter now no better time to have them, I am going to try this one as I just love asparagus.


Thanks Mark -- yes I was being a real whinger. Today, it's the middle of winter and I was in a t-shirt and down at the beach. I can't complain.

Oooh white asparagus -- nice idea Sophie. I'm going to try it with some gruyere.

Hi Helen... yes! Next year. I hope we can meet up. Ideally I'd love to have a second home there -- I'll keep dreaming.

Yes Julia, I'm a big moaning baby. I'll stop right now.

Thanks Christie! took a while to get used to the lighting in Sydney. It's much more glarey than Vancouver with the constant cloud cover.

Thanks so much Jodye!

Thanks for visiting Arfi!

Hi Lorraine, can't complain today though -- I was at the beach in a t-shirt!

Lovely Young, perfect winter vegies for soup.

Thanks for your lovely comment Kim. Hope you enjoy it.

Eat Smart Age Smart

Awesome. Have made it twice - once as a light summer dinner and once as the starter course. I'll be making it again--next time for guests.

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Permanent Make-up

I think asparagus adds perfectly to the texture of the soup, well not to mention asparagus is my favorite vegetable! I am going to try this recipe on for Christmas dinner, I am 100% positive my Grandpa will love them! Thanks a lot.


Where do you get creme fraiche in Sydney?


I love asparagus soups, but i prefer the white ones...

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