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22 April 2009



Hope the rest of your time in Sydney goes well!!

Ooooh, such a beautiful mix of flavors and colors in that salad!!


Ah, my tears would dry up immediately if I were to be welcomed with such a festive salad! I'm glad you're easing up already :)


Such an awesome/pretty photo! It looks delish. I am a big fan of pomegranate juice but have yet to actually try a pomegranate by itself. It looks like this would be a great recipe to start with!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Mmmm love the simple combo of flavours. Mint and feta is one of my favourite pairings. I've missed your posts and photos!


MMMMMM...Syrie, I love a salad as lovely as this one!! Yummie food!


I am glad that you are enjoying some bright spots in your transition back to Sydney. Thank you for your kind words the other day. :-)
Life has been a whirlwind for me since my last post... I am not sure where we'll end up next but I am looking at it as an adventure. Thank you for sharing this beautiful salad-- I love the colors.
Happy settling back in!


This looks like a perfect, fresh salad. Beautiful photo!

Kim da Cook

Wow just love this recipe, its funny to see someone liking pomegranates, and seeing a recipe with the use of them makes me so happy as I just usually eat them just one their own, but this is a lovely combination.
Thanks for the great recipe.


Thanks Veggie Girl. It's good to be back now but took a bit of adjusting too!

Thanks Mark. Yes it certainly does help having such delicious food. At least I'm not starving!

Hi GrilledShane, yes get yourself a pomegranate. We had a pomegranate tree when I was a little girl. The little hard bits inside the aril can be a bit unnecessary but you tend to get used to them. Cheers.

Hi Marc, thanks for visiting. Posting is going to be intermittent for the next few months until I get my own home. I've missed reading your posts too but now I can!

Thanks Sophie! Hope you like it.

Thanks so much Alexa. Please take care and I really can't wait until you get back!

Thanks so much Jodye!

Hi Kim, they are gorgeous aren't they. I love it when I get extra juicy ones with big arils. It's such a treat especially after the hassle of opening them.

Young Werther

Have you been to the Sydney Markets at Flemington? Worth a wander...

Sue | Cater

I had a tree in our garden when I was younger, and I couldn't wait for the fruit to come, and you are so right it is a treat to have after the hassle of opening not the easiest fruit to open thats for sure. :)
Once again a great recipe and I really love coming by to see whats what:)


Welcome back...where are you living?


Simply delectable:) It's Salad Week! I "grabbed" this link. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing...

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I love salad and this one looks great.. Thanks...


I love spinach but i am getting bored of eating regular spinach salad(egg, bacon, cheese mushrooms) anybody got anything i can jazz it up with that will taste yummy, i am allergic to tomato so keep this in mind thanks y'all

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