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13 April 2009





Omigosh, those are SOME prices! Maybe you were looking in the wrong area in terms of economy :) The Granville pictures are breathtaking. Can't wait to see what you have in store! :)


Wow Syrie, the prices sound exorbitant! But are you talking Aussie $$ or Canadian $$ now ;) ?


So go to read your post again! I miss you lots and look forward to reading all about Sydney and it's food : )


Wow, the pictures are very impressive. It looks like they have just about anything and everything one could ask for there.

For all of the advantages we have in Chicago, I wish we had something like this where everything was in one giant marketplace.

Laurie Gills

I feel like I've just started this blog journey with you in Vancouver and wish you were still there!
I am a true foodie by nature and am planning a trip to Canada, summer 10, with my son who is considering a permanent move to Canada.
Best of luck in your new community. Your blog is terrific and I plan to visit most often. LB


Glad to hear you made it to Sydney safe and sound. I'm looking forward to what you have to say about the food Down Under.

I got sticker shock when I first moved to Denmark. I felt the prices were so outrageous but got used to them. Growing your own will certainly be more cost effective and rewarding.


Yes, Josh and his "La vie en rose" – absolutely captivating.

Young Werther

Welcome to Sydney... I can't afford to live here :(

Australia is famous for it's lamb, but have you seen the price of cutlets!!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Glad to hear you've arrived safely in Sydney. I don't know how the food scene there compares to Vancouver since it's been ages since I've been to BC, but I've always though of Sydney as having a great selection of high quality produce relative to the US.


It must be that I have not been reading thoroughly, sorry about that, I did not realize that you were moving...


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your lovely comments. It was really tough leaving but I'm happy to be home now closer to family -- for now anyway. Looking forward to getting back on top of blogging and visiting all your gorgeous sites!


Vancouver Web Design

Great Post !

I agree Granville Island is the best place to shop. South Seas Trading in the market is the best place to find ingredients for authentic Thai and Malaysian cuisine. I go there religiously for fresh Kafir Lime Leaf and Bamboo shoot. Mmmm.


I live in Sydney and moving to Vancouver this year, just went to Greville Island last month, I love Vancouver. Food price there is at least 1/2 of what we pay in Sydney, and top quality, really nice place. Australia is getting so expensive, the drought is not helping. Being so close to US and great scenes, Canada is a great place to live, which is why we are going there. Yes, salmon is so great in Vancouver! I had salmon sushi for breakfast everyday, only costed $4.00!!


Wow, some very cool stuff i agree with the comments being made about the pictures and write ups .

Simply awesome.

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