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03 March 2009



Mmm..., this looks delicious. Dainty little treats - my favourite.


Yum, these cookies look super tasty!


MMMMMM....I love to taste 1 or 2 or 3 or more,......!!

kim-free ads posting

This looks so yummy I can't wait to eat everything.Looks so easy to do!Can't wait to try this over the weekend.


lovely - that sounds amazing. gonna have to try this.


What beautiful and delicious looking cookies!

Patricia Scarpin

I have tried melting moments but never chocolate ones, Syrie - these are so delicate!


I love melting moments but have never thought of making chocolate ones! They look delicious!


A cookie that melts in your mouth... so it's like an M&M ("melts in your mouth, not in your hand")!!! Love it :-D


They look like the best possible accompaniment to an espresso

amanda B

screw girl scout cookies! these ones look ten times better!


I've never heard of these. Until I read your entire post, I thought it was a cute name you came up with for a new recurring type of recipe! How silly. They sounds heavenly, and I'll be trying them soon. I wonder how the icing would taste with coconut extract?


Your blog is so gorgeous. I've never had a melting moment, although I've been hearing about them for a while. I usually see citrus versions, but I'm all for chocolate!


Thanks very much, I really appreciate your kind comments, I did a new post for you to read, hope you enjoy! Hmm now about these chocolate biscuits.. You are really tempting me :)


Ah, buttery shortbread. I don't think I'll be able to stop putting these in my mouth! (They even kinda look like macarons, heh)


wonderful with a nice hot latte!


Je passe pour te remercier beaucoup de ta gentillesse et comme nous sommes samedi, je te souhaite un super week-end….chez nous, c’est la pluie.


Thanks so much for visiting Helen!

Thanks Sara!

Try them out Sophie! Hope you like them.

Hi Kim. Let me know if you try them out and hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting Arundathi.

Thank you Kristen!

Het PAtricia, I'm going to try my hand at the passionfruit ones too.

Thanks Pigpig. I know they’re a little different from the norm but just as tasty if not better!

Nice one Veggie girl! I should have said that in my post!

Yes A perfect accompaniment Alex!

Never heard of that name Amanda! Thanks for the tip.

Hi Julia! Perfect! Coconut is a great idea.

Thank you so much for your kind words Andrea.

Hi Danny!! I look forward to next installment!

Hi Mark. I was hooked and ate them in a few days. They almost taste better the next day which is rare for cookies.

Thanks Dawn.

Bonjour Elenora and you too! Thanks so much for visiting.


How delicious and dainty these look!


I can feel the cookies melting in my mouth now! The stack-up cookies look so elegant n sexy! Great shot!

Southern Ange

I had a hankering for choc melting moments and these just hit the right spot! Mmmmm. Thanks. Glad to have happened upon this blog too. Will be back for more!!! Delish!

Marc @ NoRecipes

I love your description. I've always loved the idea of oreo cookies but really don't like eating them. Your description embodies what I've always thought an oreo should be like.

I also love that you don't have to roll this out like a shortbread. Might give this one a try tomorrow. Thanks!

Scooter McKenzie

After finding your website one lunchtime I went straight home and made these as a treat for my wife (and of course for me). In my haste I had neglected to leave enough butter to make the butter cream filling and so the end result was a tray of beautifully soft chocolate biscuits. I'm sure they benefit from the rich sweet filling but my biscuits had a very grown up, almost bitter dark chocolate flavour and were the perfect accompaniment to a late night mug of cocoa. Thanks.

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I made these tonight. I have to say they were very easy. The thing that took the longest was waiting for my butter to get to room temp. Haha. The only thing I might do differently is maybe cut down just a bit on the cocoa and make a tad bit more of the filling. These cookies were so yummy as is but they were very rich and I could only eat one sandwiched cookie in one go. Of course that might have something to do with how thick my cookies were. I think I made them a bit bigger than what they were suppose to be. xD

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