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25 March 2009



This looks delicious, will have to try this one out


MMMMMMM...Syrie! Have a lovely trip back!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!!


Hi Syrie, I love to read your blog - great photos, stories and recipes. I am not a big fan of cornbread but you made it look good. I look forward to your future posts when you're settled back in Sydney. Safe travels.


Soooo succulent.

Hang in there with the busyness!!


Your cornbread sounds wonderful. Beautiful picture!

Seann G

Best of luck in the big trip home

Wandering Coyote

Absolutely gorgeous! And your picture is beautiful, too!


mmm... I want it! I must try this! Love the pic too!


Aww! Good luck on your journey and I hope it is a happy one! :)

amanda B

I hope everything is ok! We are going to miss you.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Wow that looks great Syrie. I've been falling further and further behind in my reader and can't believe it's been so long since I last visited your site. Good luck with the move, I hope you get settled in quickly!


Looks great! I love the tough of the honey!

Easy Recipes

Been waiting a long time to see a new image and recipe. Thank you

Hope all is well, I love the shot of the dripping syrup!!


You are the featured blog again on my site!!!


Hello !!!! it loks so nice !!! i can not resist !!!! bisous !!!


Blueberry cornbread sounds good!


Oh, Syrie, Vancouver is going to miss you. Have a safe journey to Sydney. Come back soon!


Syrie - this is such a good idea. I love corn bread, and blueberries. I can totally imagine the greatness of them together. Brilliant.


Safe travels!


I want to lick that syrup! You are such a tease!

Justin Levy

Wow, that looks amazing. Saved to my recipes list :)

Kim da Cook

Hi Syrie,
Sorry to hear that your life is in a jumble nothing worse than moving but boy to a new continent that must be huge. Thanks for a great recipe going to give it a bash and have saved it in my recipes file.
Good luck and will be thinking of you.


That photo is gorgeous!
Hope the trip goes smoothly.

Joie de vivre

Have a safe move. I found your blog through a random search and found your barbecued mussel recipe from back in September. I ust wanted to let you know you have a lovely blog!

Sue | Cater

Safe moving and all the best to you and your family,
This just looks yummy, I could really go for some now as I am starving right now and just looking at this is getting my taste buds all worked up.


I have never tried cornbread and when I've seen it made, I always think more savery than sweet, so this looks like it would be something interesting to make and try. The honey dripping off it looks absolutely delicious!


That looks gorgeous! The photo is stunning!


May I know what is the size of loaf pan you used for baking this cornmeal?


I think I just dribbled. Good luck with the move

Blueberry Muffins Recipes

Blueberry Cornbread looks great. I wonder how the blueberries would taste is contrasted with spice from jalepenos.


Today, I tried my first blueberry cornbread loaf. Used sour cream, brown sugar instead of white and 3 tbs fiji marmalade. It was absolutely delicious, moist, loaded with flavor, just a mellow sweetness and the look of it was so pretty when sliced. I know it was a little risky, but I went for it with the altered ingredients and thankfully it paid off! Delicious......

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