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14 February 2009





Ever since I saw the close up of the marbling on Gordon Ramsay's 3 star chef I've been mesmerized by them-- but still haven't tasted. I totally agree that you have to appreciate them for what they are-- do you think the experience comes fairly close? The pasta does look divine!


A very informative post. I have never cooked with a real truffle because of the price. To expensive for me. I would love to give the Himalayan one a try.


It's worth it even for the presentation alone. Great find!


Thanks for this post. I've never seen Himalayan Truffles before.


What a great way to enjoy truffles!! Lovely pictures!


Very cool and lovely photos. Do you regularly make your own pasta? I'm going to give it a whirl today, but I'm not sure how it will turn out!


I've never seen or heard of Himalayan truffles, but I have a jar of black truffles in some kind of liquid (oil?). It was a gift from a friend and I've been too terrified to even open it. I've been meaning to attempt something simple and subtle. This is perfect. Thank you!

Scott at Realepicurean

Delicious looking truffles and pasta. A great idea I'll be sure to try!


I love how you always seem to be making your own pasta! I should definitely give it a try :)


One day I am going to taste this much-talked about truffle and I hope it lives up to all the hype :)

Beautiful pics of the shavings.


You're so lucky to have access to full truffles. I still haven't tried them, I have only tried a touch of truffle oil or salt.


Thanks VeggieGirl!

Hey Mark, the flavour and aroma is actually quite different. You will know when it's a real truffle as their scent permeates everything. The Himalayan truffles were great in their own way though.

Hi Chuck, No I don't think I will ever cook with a real truffle but I've certainly tried a few dishes with them at restuarants in Italy. It's something you must do at least once!

Thanks so much Helen! South China Seas also has them frozen.

Thanks for visiting my last bite!

Thank you pigs corner!

Hey Sauced, This is my first time making normal pasta. I've tried gnocchi several times before. It's hard to go back to packet stuff after having homemade noodles! Good luck!

Good luck Dee, I hope it goes well. What a lovely friend!

Cheers Scott!

Thanks Ovenhaven. I wish I could do it more often!

Thanks Cynthia. I hope you enjoy it when you do. My first time was in Florence and they were white truffles shaved over a very simple risotto. Delicious.

Hi Hillary, you can order them online - the French ones and the cheaper Himalayan variety. Cheers.


Nice find! It's not surprising that cooking them brought out their flavour, black French truffles are the same. Would you describe the taste of these like French truffles with less intensity, or do they have different flavours altogether?

Eat Smart Age Smart

Pasta is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast. I have tried various types of pasta but I never heard of Himalayan Truffle Pasta. I would love to give the Himalayan one a try tomorrow.

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Looks good.. Nice recipe.. Thanks..

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