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20 January 2009


Laurie Constantino

Mmmmmm. Dark chocolate souffle. Mmmmm. Yours is gorgeous. And your racing around was worthwhile, your pictures capture the souffle in all its glory. Mmmmmmm.


Your souffle looks wonderful!lovely pictures!



amanda B

The one thing that I have yet to make is the souffle. I won't lie, it scares the hell out of me! But you r pics are fantastic!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Great tips on souffle making. I've never actually had a souffle fail, but I was so terrified of them I only tried for the first time last year.


these rose perfectly! and you got snapshots of them that are gorgeous :) i have yet to give souffles are go. think i'm a whimp..:)


wow! look's fantastic! I have yet to attempt a souffle, now I may have to give it a try!


A souffle is one of the things on my "must make" list this year.

How are you? Happy New Year!


Syrie - I salute you, I am not a baker and only knows how to cook Asian food well, but you cook Asian and all sorts of fine foods, and you bake so well, too. I love choc souffle especially when the dark and hot choc comes oozing out. YUMMY! :)


So happy you went with dark chocolate, it's so much better than milk chocolate.


Great looking souffle!


Thanks Laurie, yes it was really hit and miss and thankfully things turned out ok. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks so much Maya!

Thanks for stopping by VeggieGirl even in this busy exam time!

Go for it Amanda, you never know! Good luck!

That's amazing Marc! I'm glad I kept trying.

Give it a go Diva. Even if they don't rise, they're still delicious!

Good luck Ash and thanks for visiting!

I'm great Cynthia, thanks so much for visiting and yes, happy new year!

Bee, your wonderful. Thanks for the lovely comments. You do bake wonderfully though....I've seen your gorgeous muffins and banana cakes!

Here, Here Hillary. Yes the flavour is much richer yet not too sweet.

Thanks Kevin!


Bonjour !!! yes i'm back !!! i can't resist in front of such a beautifull dessert !!! i love it !!!

Berna Alvarez

I thought Souffle is pretty hard to make, your instruction looks easy to me. I will try to do it again. Thanks!


I am giving souffle a go tonight, and this looks to be the best recipe I've seen! I'm a bit worried about the oven temp, our oven isn't the greatest for being consistent.


I am new here and I was wondering if you could tell me why my account keeps logging out? Is this normal?

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