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29 January 2009



Classic comfort!!


Oh, yum. I am a cornbread fan. I definitely like it on the slightly sweet side, and I pair it with sweetish savory foods like baked beans and such :)

Wandering Coyote

I love all kinds of corn bread, so thanks for posting this! I have a very similar recipe that you add blueberries to, and it's totally excellent.


I'm a huge fan of the cornbread! Thanks for the recipe!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Yum, being a Yankee, I love sweeter cornbreads (which is another key difference between northern and southern cornbreads). Love that you put whole kernals in it:-)


I'm on a never ending search for "the" cornbread recipe so I look forward to trying yours!


I made Ina Garten's version of cornbread last weekend: Jalapeno Cheddar Corn bread.

Next weekend I am going to make yours. (I'm working on a corn bread column) :)


I'm always disappointed when anyone makes a savory cornbread, I love the cake-like versions. This looks incredible, thanks for sharing!


Hey VeggieGirl that's exactly what it is. I could eat it all day.

Mark it'd be perfect with baked beans. I'm going to try it. A great combo indeed.

Blueberries - Wandering Coyote - you're a genius.

No probs Redmenace. Hope you like it!

Hey Marc, I'm yet to try the more savory bread but I think I'm a sweet girl.

Hope you like it Sharon!

Yum - Jalapeno cheddar. Brilliant again. I'm getting such great ideas from you all. Cheers.

No worries Hayley. Hope you like it!


In Belgium, we do not eat cornbread. I wanted to ask: with what do you eat it? Or do you eat it instead of bread? In the morning or evening? With meat? I want to make your recipe but do not know with what to eat it!! Thanks!!


This is such a simple, rewarding recipe. I made it this weekend and the cornbread came out great. (It went especially well with chile verde.) Thank you for sharing this!


Oh, I just love cornbread. And the color contrast in your photo is fabulous.

Next generation star trek

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R Becklund

Being in Texas we eat lots o cornbreak. I like making mine with green chiles. I'll be trying your recipe, can never have too many cornbread recipes! Thanks!

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