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22 December 2008



Hee hee! That's the best thing about work isn't it? You get to unload your goodies and butter them up (figuratively and literally) a bit... But on the down-side, work is less time for baking, heh heh :) I don't think those would last a few days here in any case!


Those are absolutely amazing looking (and sounding)! Even though my baking is complete I may have to pull out the tins and fire up the oven for these.


Soooo delectable!!



Your cookies look amazing. I'm here for a first time look at your beautiful blog. I'll be back. Happy Holidays!


happy holidays! And those cookies look so good. Your colleagues are lucky to have you.

Marc @ NoRecipes

These cookies look delightful. I'm off to Japan and Korea for a few weeks, but I wanted to stop by and with you Happy Holidays.


Bonjour my dear !!! thank for your comment...your cookies looks so good...i wish you a merry christmas and a lot of good things for the next year...thank you for all the pleasure that you have given to us in 2008...kiss......


Syrie, this is a recipe i've been waiting for! :D i have leftover currants and I have Grand Marnier. if the power stays on this week, I'm gonna make it. thanks for sharing and have a nice holiday to you too!


It sounds and looks the greatest to me too! Your colleagues are so lucky to have you sharing your delicious cookies! I wish I am 1 of your colleagues too! Have a great holiday season! Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


They sound wonderful...
Happy holidays Syrie! Enjoy!


Hi Mark, it's funny because you end up taking stuff to work to offload and end up coming home with twice as much baking from everyone else! Happy holidays!

Hi Jerry, thanks for stopping by. Have a great holiday season!

Thanks VeggieGirl! Have a happy New Year!

Thanks so much for your kind comments Mary! I look forward to checking out your blog. Cheers!

Thanks Mandy. You too!

Hey Marc, have a fantastic time away. I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. I'm dying to go to Japan one day myself. Travel safely.

Thanks Vincent and the same goes for you. I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog and thanks for bearing with my bad French!

Hope you like it Eliza! Have a great holiday season and new year!

You too lk. Have a wonderful time with lots of good food.

Thanks so much Alexa. Happy holidays!


I think you are amazing, hands down. I love it! Grand Marnier and everything else. Thank you for sharin!!!


I am not a cookie lover but your description makes me want to have one of these.

Happy New Year!

Colette MacMillan

I am going to try your cookie recipe and am wondering how to steep the currants in grand marnier. Does that mean to heat the G.M.?

Thanks, I am looking forward to the cookies :)

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