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23 November 2008



Enjoy your "post detox" breakfast tomorrow immensely!!


This plate looks like a lovely brunch!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Wow those look amazing! Such perfect little curds. I agree on ordering eggs scrambled at restaurants.

Laurie Constantino

Beautiful photo - congrats on turning out photogenic scrambled eggs!


absolutely perfect looking eggs. mine always get rubbery and overcooked :( thanks for the step-by-step on the eggs.


Bonjour c'est Vincent !! you know what ? this is exatly the kind of thing that i can eat for my breakfeast !!! what ? no i am not crazy !!!! kiss !!!


mmmm. your scrambled eggs look perfect!!! i see you whip them for 2 minutes. i should give that a try the next time i have a fry up for breakfast. often, i'm too lazy to whip it that long! :) x


Looks wonderful.


Um, this looks so good and I know exactly that stage of the roasted tomatoes - it is such a thrill as they burst spilling their juices either popped in your mouth or pricked with a knife or fork.


That is one good looking breakfast!


Hee hee hee-- maybe for some reason they kind of conceded that no man can live without butter, lol (kidding, vegans!) :P
That is one simple, but beautiful breakfast. Congrats on finishing your detox!


I'm also a fan of the slow cooked scrambled eggs. Yours look fantastic!


Thanks so much VeggieGirl! I'm going to try to maintain it as much as possible but not fully cut out on flour and sugar products. I'll just eat less of them.

Thanks Alexa! I remember when I first moved out of home, scrambled eggs and tuna pasta were the only things I could cook so I'd often eat the eggs for dinner!

That's what they resemble Marc, curds! Thank you.

Thanks so much for visiting Laurie!

No worries Arundathi, hope they work for you!

Oh Vincent! You are crazy -- Thanks so much for visiting!

Hey Diva, 1-2 minutes is good. Just get them frothy and that should do the trick.

Thank you Alex!

That's it Cynthia! I love the tomatoes when they're like that and they're so delicious with eggs.

Thanks for visiting Hillary!

Thanks Cheeky Mark and yes, you're right. How could we live without butter?! It made all the difference!

Thanks so much Ashley.


Always wanted to make perfect scrambled egg... mine always turn out too 'watery'

Thanks for the instructions :)


It looks so appetizing! I do a detox twice a year and I can't express how good it makes me feel...hope you can say the same?


It looks so appetizing! I do a detox twice a year and I can't express how good it makes me feel...hope you can say the same?


Hope you're feeling good after your detox diet! Your breakfast looks beautiful (and delicious!).

lissie kirby

syrie i beat the eggs for 2 mins like you said and they were a squillion times better than ive ever made them before. Thank you and you continue to amaze me!


hello,your egg recipes are so cool,I hope it taste the way it looks I am a chinese food amateur and like cooking the dish myself,I'll try it,I hope I could cook this dish as yours,thanks for sharing again.

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