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03 December 2008



Luv ur Madeleines! Really perfectly done! Great steps-by-steps instructions! I can't wait to try it now. Is it a must to have a Madeleine tray?


GREAT tutorial on creating such a classic cookie!! Thank you!!


My first madeleine experiment was about the same. I can't wait to try out this method. These cookies look perfect!


YAY! What a way to come back from a detox ;) I didn't know that the process was exactly the same as a genoise, that's so cool! They look so perfect, and the shape, flawless!


I was lured here by the first shot, but was surprised to see gorgeous step-by-step photos as well! I'll definitely be dropping by more often :)

Patricia Scarpin

Amazing, Syrie. Just amazing! I love madeleines and the step by step photos are so useful!


Lk, Thanks so much for visiting my blog taste buddies and for your comment on the Madeleines. About the tray...I'm sure you could use another tray - what were you thinking? Perhaps a shallow muffin tray? The cooking time may have to differ so just keep an eye on them and take them out of the oven once they turn a light golden colour.

I look forward to checking out your blog and please keep me posted if you make the Madeleines.

Thanks VeggieGirl! Hope it helps anyone else who’s had the same experience with dense Madeleines.

Good luck Courtney, please let me know if you try them out. Cheers.

Hi Mark! Yes I’m straight back into all the fun stuff. That’s right a Genoise! I do love the scallop shell shape too.

Thanks so much Ovenhaven. I’ll definitely check out your website too. Looking forward to it.

Patricia, Queen of all Madeleines. It means a lot coming from you! Thank you.


I have yet to taste a madeleine that wasn't boring or stale, but these are so enchanting. I can't wait until I get to try these out myself with your instructions and photo guides. Thank you for sharing!


I have a madeleine mould left by mother-in-law after she passed away 10 years ago. Am not sure how old is this mould but the mould was very lovely and the shape of madeleines are very sharp. I'd been keeping it for long time...it's time for me to use it. Thank you for sharing the steps and gorgeous picts :-)


Un petit coucou en passant pour te souhaiter un bon week-end. Et tes madeleines sont merveilleuses


What pretty Madeleines! They look really good and ever so perfect!




Your madeleines are just gorgeous! I love the step by step photos!


So excited to get my madeleine pan... Thanks for the great tutorial!


They look great... had some recently, first time in my life when a friend sent them from across the Pacific..


They look stunning. Great job well done.


Bonjour how are you ? you have to know that i love this sponge cake do you know that the madeleine of Commercy would carry(wear) the first name of a young maid of Commercy, Madeleine Paulmier, a handmaid of the Marchioness Perrotin de Baumont, who in 1755, made these cakes for duke Stanislas Leszczynski. This tradition of Lorraine went on until our days....bisous et à bientôt !!!!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks fantastic. Everytime I see Madeleines I say to myself that I need to make them, and yet the thought of buying yet another pan has held me back. I wonder if these would work (albeit less attractive) if simply piped onto a silpat or into a shallow muffin tin?


lovely madeleines!


I love madeleines, and your instructions are wonderful!


Thanks Mojo. Hope you like them! Please let me know how they turn out.

Pixen, you must use your tin! Hope they're delicious. I find the tins much better than the silpats.

Merci Eleonora! Bon vacance!

Thanks so much Rosa. It take me a while.

Thank you coffee snob Happy holidays!

Thanks Jude. I definitely recommend a pan over the silpats.

What a lovely friend Werther! Thanks for visiting.

Thanks so much Alex!

Vincent, thank you for the brilliant information. You are a king.

Hi Marc, I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the silpats. I just don't believe they don't give of a little toxicity when heated. I think go the muffin tin option!

Thanks Eliza!

Thanks so much Shari!


I'm an absolute Madeleines lover and I swear to you, I have been in love with Madeleines for at least 12 years. With that being said, of course I've tried every possible recipe that I could research and find - during the past 12 years....

Yours look absolutely beautiful and I really have to try out the technique and recipe. Thanks for posting and for the wonderful writing!


We don't use grams in the US. Are we talking about half cup of everything, except for the three medium eggs and 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest?


These looks amazing, they are going on my 'to make' list!

Thanks for sharing.


How can I get a buttery taste for my madeleines? What kind or what brand should I use as butter? I use the Land o lakes unsalted butter, but there is no butter taste at all. Please advise.

Elsie P.

I would love to try these, they look so wonderful! Only thing is I need measurements in cups in the U.S. Thanks!


Hi Loan, Land o Lakes is pretty good. I'd say try a few more brands so you can find one that you like. I'm in Vancouver and I use an organic, unsalted butter. Let me know how you go and good luck.

Hi Elsie, My cooking teacher, when teaching me how to make Madeleines, told me not to measure using anything but scales. This is because the eggs may be a different size or even cups may be slightly different. I strongly urge you to buy some scales. I got mine for $16! Good luck.

lily ng

I like your blog so much that i have linked yours.

I am so impressed with these madeleines, you have inspired me to make some. I have only a 6 piece silicone mould, should i make a quarter recipe at a time?

thanks for sharing such good step-by-step pictures.



I haven't the chance to experiment your recipe and techniques but I have a couples of questions, if you don't mind spending a little time to give me some advices!

1. Would it be a good idea to add just a bit of batter into the cool, melted butter then fold the rest into the batter?

2. Your recipe doesn't require the batter to rest in the fridge like many others, do you think there would be a different if you do rest the batter in the fridge vs. not doing so?

3. This is lame, but would 130 gram of eggs equivalent to about 3 large eggs?

Again, thanks for your time and I'll let you know soon how my Madeleines will turn out. As always, I drool just by starring at your pictures!


What a great recipe. I had to go out and buy the pan but it was worth it.

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