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14 November 2008


[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Great-looking dish! Love the combination of broccoli and chickpeas. Did you find the brown rice pasta more breakable than regular pasta?


Oh, wow. I wonder what brown rice pasta tastes like... Looks and sounds awesome! I can't believe it's only day two! Good luck :)


great picture... looks good... :)



Patricia Scarpin

You make healthy dishes look delicious and tasty!


Les photos sont superbes et on craque de bonheur...bravo


um... you mentioned a can of tuna in oil, but it does not seem to show up on the recipe...


Syrie, it is a pleasure to discover your blog. I am here via Bee (Rasa Malaysia). I have just spent a large part of my afternoon going through your delicious blog and have bookmarked quite a few things that I must-try! :)

I've added your blog to my list of Readable Feasts and have also subscribed to your feed. Looking forward to more of your posts.


this is allowed on detox? sign me up! hello!


Bonjour !! thanks for the comment that you put on my blog !! this recipe looks easy and good, nice for a light lunch !!....so, when will you come in France ? to discover the Champagne and Reims the city where i am living !!!!
A bientôt !!!


What a lovely composition of foods! It looks delicious


What a lovely composition of foods! It looks delicious


What a lovely composition of foods! It looks delicious

Fearless Kitchen

This looks really tasty, detox or no.


Hey eatingClub, the pasta is actually pretty good and quite firm. You have to wash it under cold water as soon as it's ready though otherwise it gets all gooey. Thanks for visitng!

Hey Mark, It pretty much tastes the same as regular white pasta. It’s the texture that’s a bit different. It’s more chewy. I still prefer freshly made pasta but what can you do!

Thanks Mikky!

Glad you like it VeggieGirl!

Thanks Patricia. It's the only way I can manage on a detox! Thanks for visiting!

Oops Dorothy! Thanks for catching that and it’s fixed!

Merci beaucoup Eleonora! Merci pour visiteur ma website!

Hi Cynthia, thank you for your kind words. I'm so pleased you visited and stayed for so long. I've added you to my blog roll too.

Ha Dawn! Glad you liked it! It's not too bad at all.

Thanks so much Ronell. Lovely to hear from you.

Thanks fearless kitchen! This recipe is a staple in my home although I usually add lots of grated parmesan on top!


This dish looks good! Very nicely presented.

Detox Diet

That looks good! Healthy and free of toxic! Love your recipes. I've been looking for tasty recipes for my detox diet and found your site. I've been on water/juice detox for a while and it's beginning to taste awful and thank god I found your recipes.

I've done these many times

Flour of any kind is not supposed to be eaten on this detox. Rice would be good with this instead of the noodles

Eat Smart Age Smart

Nice find! Delicious looking Broccoli & Chickpea Brown Rice Pasta. One day I am surely going to taste this much-talked Broccoli & Chickpea Brown Rice Pasta and I hope it lives up to all the hype

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Loved the Broccoli & Chickpea Brown Rice Pasta!

Virgin Bingo

Very tasty! Thanks for the great recipe.

buy carisoprodol

That looks so delicious, now I know that broccoli can add in pasta, I love both of them, pasta and broccoli, now I can eat them in one dish..thanks and nice shot...

Body detox program

love this delicious and healthy dish

buy propecia

I love those vegan recipes with spaghetti.

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