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21 October 2008



I give you MAAAAJOR kudos for taking on such a demanding job; and your food looks impeccable!!


The mini corn cakes look so elegant! Based on what I've seen so far, the real secret to catering is having a hard-working team behind you, haha :)


Oh how beautiful! I'm impressed!

Patricia Scarpin

Syrie, tks for sharing something so nice - I could picture you making all those delicious recipes. Love the finger food and will be using your ideas next time I have people over!


Your food looks as glamorous as you do! I'm definitely keeping the corn cakes in mind.


Looks like fabulous food! I love the swirl on the cupcakes.


The food looks fantastic! The little corn cakes remind me of the little blini with caviar that I love so much. Catering (and just throwing parties in general) is VERY demanding. You're so right, the food is half the success of an event.

Bob LaGatta

It’s good to know that I’m not alone when it comes to writing articles about quality, good food. And I love sharing good recipes too. You could check http://www.technocooks.com if you want a different “menu.” The picture above looks mouthwatering...nicely done

I’ll better check the archived posts from your site. Ciao!


Everything looks beautiful and I am sure it all was sooo Tasty.
I was going to say.. are you from Canada because in the U.S we haven't had Thanksgiving yet-haha.
My half-brother is from B.C. :)

Chocolate Shavings

I works in catering and it is indeed quite a difficult job where you have to pay attention to every detail and be extremely organized! Your party seemed to have turned out wonderfully - the food looks beautiful!


Wow, I want you to cater my next party ;-)
This spread would be worth volunteering for a political campaign. You did an amazing job-- very professional.
I can't wait for your vegan cupcake recipe next week.


what a great feast... everything looks so good... :)

Rasa Malaysia

I want you to be my caterer! Everything looks so good. Perfect 10. :)

Niall Harbison

Well done on the catering and I agree with you that it is what makes a good party. I did it for years and the food sets the tone for the night without a doubt! Sounds like you make a good team as well which is important!


Oh, VeggieGirl thanks so much for your message. Yes it was a feat and one I won't be completing any time soon!

Mark - that's it! Get everyone else to do the work. I'm quite good at being bossy too!

Thanks so much Erin...where did your blog go?!

Thank you Patricia. I hope you enjoy them if you make them. The corn cakes were my fave.

Oh Dee, your a doll. Thank you.

Hi Shari...I used a number 4 star tip. It took a few cupcakes to get a the hang of it! thanks for visiting.

Hi Irene, the corn cakes were definitely my fave. I ate about 6 of them. I had to try them out before feeding the masses of course!

Thanks for visiting Bob and introducing me to your great site.

You're right Ivy! I didn't even think of that. Have a great Thanksgiving when it arrives!

Thanks Chocolate Shavings and kudos to all the caters! It's a tough job.

Thanks for your lovely comment Alexa.

Thanks for visiting Mikky!

Oh Bee! I think the same thing about your food everyday!

Thanks Niall, well there were a few tense moments in the kitchen but no explosions. We were too focused on the food!


Oh! those food seemed so delicious! and it makes me crave for my favorite pancake. I wanna try your catering service some other time. Anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe, I will also try it at home.


Catering Urns

Oh how beautiful! I'm impressed!

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