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14 October 2008



Oh my, those truffles look wonderful!


Haha! Even with the warmth here I think I've yet to get chocolate on my eyebrows. I must work annoyingly gingerly! They truffles look realllly good!

Patricia Scarpin

Oh, what a coincidence, Syrie - I made truffles on the weekend! Yours look much more beautiful and I love the flavors here.

Happy Cook

Wow so perfect they are looking.
I am sure it is a perfect gif too.
Will bookmark this recipe


One of the better truffle (and easier) recipes I've seen yet. Thanks!


Bonjour Syrie !! it's Vincent the french guy !! Thank you for your comment, it's so nice...when i see your chocolate truffle i become again a child, my mother was used to cook some of for christmas. You must be in france at the end of november, i will make a cooking demonstartion in a culinary school...i will cook some scallops with apples in different ways, cold and warm...you can have a look to the reciper that i will cook at this adress : http://www.salondublogculinaire.com/2008/10/envie-de-saint.html
I whish you a very nice day !!!
A bientôt, Vincent.


I have always wanted to make my own truffles. Thanks so much for posting the directions. I want to do this as Christmas presents. Yum!


I forgot to mention that I once had truffles with lavender, and they were amazing. I never would have thought to pair chocolate and lavender together, but it worked very well.


Well, there goes the diet!
Truffles always seemed to be in the Realm of the Impossible, but you make it seem fairly do-able. The question now is whether I dare I risk these in the house. Tough one.


I like to add irish cream or kahlua when I make mine.

Thanks for the wonderful tip of using ice bags. I always return my batch back to the freezer every few minutes and that is pretty inconvenient. Lovely photos you have, as always.


How strange that I was just talking about making truffles yesterday and here it is with recipe and photographs! You read my mind! :P

I'll definitely give these truffles a try - they look absolutely delicious!


Goodness, what are you trying to do to us??? This is one dangerous recipe (I'm thinking, half of the chocolate wouldn't make it into the truffles, lol). Tasty pictures!


Wow, Syrie! I'm not much of a chocoholic but those truffles look sinful!! They're in my to-do list for Christmas presents.


Those look so delicious! Great idea for Christams.


Those truffles look so pretty and sinful. My type of treat...


Thanks V! I'm going to try my hand at some vegan truffles! I just need to find cocoa butter first. Will keep you posted!

Thanks Mark! Glad you're back! I think I'm just a messy cook. The kitchen often looks like a bit of a disaster when I've finished with it but I try to clean along the way.

Patricia, not true. Your truffles were gorgeous and the flavours look incredible. They're on my 'to try' list.

Thanks Happy Cook. Yes they do make great gifts!

Thanks for visiting Cocoazilla. It's a pretty basic recipe but one that you can count on.

Merci Vincent. Your messages are always a pleasure to read.

Thanks Julia! Hope you like them. I LOVE your idea about lavendar. I just need to find some dried, organic flowers or maybe even fresh. Can't wait to try it.

Hi Dee! yes do it! Spread out some newspaper. Put on your old clothes and revel in the ganache!

No worries Lalaine. I love the liqueurs you use. I'm going to try champagne soon.

Hi Katie, Hope it all went well. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks Irene! Tis the season for temptation! I'll start the diet in January.

Hi Suzana, to be honest, me neither but I do like to indulge on little bites of dark chocolate every so often. These truffles give me my fix.

Thanks so much for visiting Shari!

Me too Alexa! They are rather wicked.


They look beautiful and ever so delicious! A great combination of flavors...




Let me know if you try the lavender truffles how they turn out. I've had them with both dark chocolate and white. I liked the dark chocolate version better...but that's probably because I LOVE dark chocolate! Good luck.


Very informative. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Looks like a great xmas gift for the choco lover!


Hi, I have been looking for an easy yet beautiful and sinful truffles recipe. My plan is to make my family xmas chocolate mud cakes with chocolate glaze decorated in truffles & gold dust.-Yum!!.But i have a question to anyone that can help. I have not made truffles b4, can anyone tell me how long they keep- either in the fridge or decorated on the cake.I know they contain cream so do i only have a 3 day life? I have read that if i coat in a chocolate shell they keep longer- any ideas?? - Any help would be great, thanks all.


These look wonderful and to think I discovered them while looking for a homemade Grand Marnier recipe. Living in Napa Valley everything pretty much revolves around wine, so I'd like to suggest making these and adding a little Cabernet Sauvignon. We have a candy shop here that has been around forever; a few years back, it was purchased by a woman and her brother. They make lots of desert sauces with wine and chocolate. I'll be trying these with Grand Marnier, Kahula and Cabernet. Happy holidays everyone and thank you for the wonderful recipes and tips!


made these as wedding favors for my son's wedding. Hugh Hit! beautiful as well. Bagged them put them in a narrow fluted glass They looked great!!


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. And for those who tried the recipe, and even bigger thank you. Have a happy holiday!


Any idea where to get (good quality) chocolate?


Christmas and truffles is a killer combination! I was thinking to have cupcakes instead, but seeing these truffles especially those with gold cups definitely changed my mind what to cook! Cool idea.

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