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11 September 2008



How lovely and colorful! I adore salads built around fruit-- how nice that you have a great supply of peaches :) (and of course, aged balsamic :)


Thanks from me too! What a beautiful salad... I think it would also work well with mint instead of the basil and white balsamic.


This looks and sounds gorgeous.

Fearless Kitchen

This looks great - I can almost taste the peaches now!


Can't wait to try this.
Love the "Oliver" reference, too :-)

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

Ooh, we have some slightly tart peaches hanging out on the counter ourselves! And perhaps an ear or two of corn! Will try.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks great Syrie! Sorry I haven't been around much, work has been so busy lately I've barely had time to cook.


That salad sounds just about perfect! And I would love some right now.


Looks great, I am sure its very tasty too especially with BBQ corn, I am big fan:-)

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie, love the color of this dish. sounds really simple and super yummy and healthy.

No news from About.com huh? :(


Yes, this sounds like a fantastic salad. Any salad that start with barbecued corn can't ever turn out bad, but then to add peaches, buffalo mozarella, and basil; just brilliant!


Thanks Mark! Maybe I can grab an extra bottle for you and send it to you!

Hey Christie. I LOVE your idea about the mint and white balsamic. Yum. I'll try it next time.

Thanks for stopping by Pim!

Thank you Fearless Kitchen, okanagan peaches are hard to beat.

Thanks Julia. I couldn't resist!

Go for it ts! Don't waste a moment. Peaches are on they're way out with the approach of fall!

Hey Marc. It's so lovely to see your name. Thanks for visiting and can't wait to see what you've been up to in the kitchen.

Thanks for visiting Brilynn!

Oh Matin! Thank you.

Thanks Bee! I'll send you and email with the update.

Thanks for your lovely comment Kalyn.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

What a fabulous sounding combination. Looks gorgeous too - all golden and summery and healthy :)


Took a while to scroll down and get to the recipe. Love your photography.


You know, this is exactly the reason why I love food blogs. This is not a combination that I would have thought of instinctively, but when I look at your pictures and imagine what the flavors would be like, my taste buds just go: OH YEAH!

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