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02 September 2008



What a gorgeous picture!


Ah, I have always loved scallops, from the first time I tasted one... And pictures like that are why I keep coming back for more!

I have never successfully shopped for a fresh one, though... Always frozen, yikes.


This picture makes me even more sad that I cannot find fresh scallops anywhere here in Cape Town....at least not yet. The glaze is awesome!!!


Those look perfect!
I'm literally a seafood hog and this is going to my "to do" list...thanks!


Those scallops really do look perfectly done! And the glaze would be just right with it too.

Zoe Francois

They do look perfect! I adore scallops.


Delicious. Perfectly cooked and a lovely glaze.


Yummy! We love scallops! This soy orange glaze sounds very very tasty. Wonderful plating there =)


This looks awesome! I think I can taste the glaze and feel the texture of the scallops. Will need to try that glaze soon.


hello Syrie !!! it's Vincent the frenche cooker !!!! thank you for your comment on my blog.
Congratulation for this wonderfull recipie, i love the scallops...i really want to eat my computer !! it looks simple and professional in the same time...great !!!
See you soon !!!


When cooked right, I am a huge fan of scallops. I'm glad you have come around to liking them or at least giving them another try because your recipes looks magnificent!

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie - this is a restaurant-worthy dish. I loooove scallops, they are the best, but some of the treated ones are not as good, anyway, I can eat them every meal!


What a pretty, delicious looking recipe. Your picture is stunning.




Tasty New England - Thanks for visiting! I was in your area recently and it's a gorgeous part of the world!

Hey Manggy, give the frozen ones a try anyway! thanks for stopping by.

You too Nina! Fresh scallops can be great as well and I usually use them if I can't get a hold of fresh ones.

Thanks Amrita. Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for visiting Brilynn. This particular glaze is pretty versatile.

Thanks Zoe!

Thanks for stopping by Pam!

Thanks Tasty Meals...me too!

Thanks Darlene, hope you enjoy it. The searing does make an excellent coating.

No worries Vincent! Love your comments. They make me smile.

Thanks so much Hillary. Yes they can be hit or miss depending on cooking. I'm also more of a fan of the medium to smaller ones.

Oh Bee, you're the best!

Thanks so much Stephanie!


Oh, scallops. Oh. I think my chop sticks sort of just kept hitting the screen in the vain hope that I can grab one. Funny story about scallops -- I was watching Iron Chef once, and the ingredient was scallops. So one of the judges pronounced "scallops" with an "a" as in "car," and all the other judges, as well as the contestants, kept looking at her funny. One judge looked like he had to restrain himself from correcting her. By the end, every time she said "scallops," that poor man had to clamp his lips shut. I can imagine him yelling, internally, "IT'S SCALLOP, AS IN MALLET, AS IN PALLET, SCAAAAAALOP." :)


these look amaaaazing.

Recipes Social Bookmarking

This looks like a great recipe - I bookmarked you at the http://www.tutable.com Social Bookmark website.


Ha Irene, you're funny! Great story and thanks for sharing it.

Thank you Angel!!

Thanks recipes, I really appreciate it!


Wow! Excellent photos! Had to stop myself from taking a stab at it.


I'm a big scallop fan, and those look totally awesome!!!!! Nice job! :)


I'm a big scallop fan, and those look totally awesome!!!!! Nice job! :)


These look fantastic! Great photos all around!

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