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06 August 2008



Salmon is one of my fave types of fish and have also used it on a pizza. Rucola added a great flavor but here I am loving the addition of capers. Yum!


Hee! I have a friend who hates onions as well-- she likes them large in a dish so she can pick them out. If I chop it up, she won't be able to eat anymore! Caramelization is the best way to initiate them! I'm glad she liked your gorgeous pizza!


Different pizza recipe with interesting ingredients..Thanks for sending this in..


It's not even 9am and I am thinking about how good that would taste. Is that bad?

Wandering Coyote

Oh, I LOVE caramelized onions on pizza. I do it all the time and there's just nothing like it. This looks like great recipe, though; I'm always looking for new ideas for pizzas. Thanks!


I'm sure that your friend is very lovely. Very lovely indeed. You're quite lucky to have found her... And I don't think your friend talks about the pizza all the time. Perhaps just at lunch and dinner and snack time.


Oooooh, smoked salmon pizza! How great is that! I like the addition of capers here, as well as the sour cream and onions. YUM!


You know, I never thought to use salmon on pizza for some reason! It sounds and looks absolutely delicious, I will try it soon. I have no fear of onions, I may evern have extra!

Tom Aarons

Caramelized onions on pizza is an entirely new idea for me. But you've made it look so delicious, I think I'll be actively searching for it. :)


This pizza looks and sounds so good! I like the use of the dill.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Lovely story about your friend's semi-conversion to onions. I'm always happy, if vicariously, to hear about food epiphanies and liking something that one thought one hated is big. Sometimes we just get stuck into a preference and it's good to be jiggled once in a while.

All of the above of course is just a long-winded way of saying Me Likey This Pizza.


Sounds just wonderful. I like all these ingredients, but dill is the herb of the summer for me, just loving my dill this year!


My children hated raw anions which I like to add to salads.


Great idea Meeta. Rucola would be perfect. Next time!

Hi Mark, the next step is to get her eating some onion soup! Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for hosting WHB Divya! Looking forward to the round up.

Hi Alex, not at all! Are you kidding? I love pizza for brekkie!

Thanks for visiting Wandering Coyote. Hope you enjoy it.

Everyone...Lise is the onion hater! Your trying onion soup next, you hear me! tee hee.

THanks Paula. Yes I used sour cream instead of creme fraiche as I'm trying to be a little less of a cream eater. Watching that cholesterol.

Ooh Helen, Hope you like it. Yes pile on extra onions! Yum.

Hi Tom, I hope you try it and like it. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks Kevin. Yes it's my new fave herb.

Thanks eating club. Love your comment. I totally agree. She's having onion soup next!

Me too Kalyn. I especially LOVE the flowers.

I like to add them too, Soup. Maybe their tastes will change. I use to HATE dill but thankfully my dislike of it has vanished.


This sounds like a great summer pizza. My hubby especially likes smoked salmon.


What a lovely friend you are. Such great gesture. I love when people are confronted by something that they 'detest'and ended up discovering that they actually quite enjoy it. It happend to me recentelyh with eels. Your pizza is a great recipe.


Elegant variation for the pizza. I love caramelized onions.


This is such an interesting idea. I bet it's delicious!

Piedro Molinero

Sounds like a very delicious pizza. I adore salmon in all variations so I will give this pizza a try soon. Thank you for sharing this recipe.


Nice job! Sure makes me want to make this pie and I will. I bake my pizzas on my Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal cooker to give it the real hearth-baked flavor.

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