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21 July 2008



I love prawns and pasta! And ripe tomatoes? Well, they seem to always sell them prematurely plucked here :( Canned is almost always a better choice for us.

noble pig

I think I will treat myself, it looks amazing!


Simple is always best when it comes to summer cooking - and you have my mouth watering! I bet you get stellar shrimp out in Vancouver too, I know the salmon I ate out there was next to none in terms of quality!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Something about prawns and pasta always makes me happy. This one does, very.


pasta with prawns and garlic are truly the best combo for me!! yummy

Patricia Scarpin

My husband is gonna love this, Syrie. Love!

Rasa Malaysia

I love this Syrie--prawns, angel hair pasta, roasted garlic, butter, and white wine! You have all the right ingredients in your recipe. :)

Rojak Rendezvous

Great blog you've got.

I love fresh seafood pasta done like this.


Garlic and prawns is such a simple and yet such a great combo!


Looks devine! Will be making it tonight!


Syrie, this looks divine. I was just craving pasta with garlic, feta, basil, and olive oil when I woke up this morning. I will surely be adding shrimp to it for dinner tonight.


Hey Manggy. Canned toms will also work well. Cheers!

Thanks so much Noble Pig. Oink.

Hi Sarah, yep, the shrimp and salmon here are both pretty amazing. Especially the salmon. I've never tasted anything like it. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for stopping by eating club!

Me too dhanggit. This recipe is my emergency recipe. Cheers.

Hope you both enjoy it Patricia!

Thanks Bee! Yep, it's a pretty simple but good combo.

Thanks so much Rojak!

My sentiments exactly Kevin!

Oh Nessy. You're a doll. Luv ya!

Thanks so much for stopping by Julia. Yum, I hadn't thought of including feta. For next time!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Your photos and plating always look so simple yet delicious. Mmmmm


Your photos are stunning! I'm a fan of your blog and have given you an award. Check it out! (http://www.whiskblog.com/2008/07/more-this-and-that.html)
Shari@Whisk: a food blog


That looks heavenly...I love your blog! Great photo :)


Oooh, it's late and I'm hungry and I want a platter of this! I really like how you added chili flakes to it. YUM!


Thanks for visiting Marc!

Thanks so much Shari. I am honoured! This is my first award and I'm thrilled. Your blog is lovely. Thanks again.

Thanks so much Katie

Hi Paula, yes I tend to add chili flakes alot. They always lend the perfect amount of zing to many dishes. Thanks for visiting.


Oh yumm! This looks so tastey!


What a gorgeous dish! And all flavors that I love.


yumm yumm... am craving for pasta very badly, just finished an episode of Japanese cooking drama series Bambino, a story about a college student wanting to perfect his cooking skills as a chef in an Italian restaurant. yum yumm craving even more after I saw this Roasted Garlic & Prawn Pasta Recipe


I tried this for dinner tonight, and it was really yummy! Everyone loved it and it was super easy to make and worked out perfectly.

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