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01 July 2008



I love the sound of this. What an unusual way to prepare broccoli. I hear some people don't like raw broccoli, but I'm not one of them! Saving the recipe now!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Thanks for the links Syrie. This salad looks fantastic! I'm in Montreal this weekend, but will definitely be getting some broccoli next week to make this.


That broccoli salad looks good!

Laurie Constantino

Syrie, this is a great recipe - I love the use of coriander and cumin in it. I'm definitely trying this one.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

I have a head of broccoli sitting in the fridge and I might try my hand at this. It's beautiful! I didn't think I can eat raw broccoli but this looker is making me change my mind.


Wish I loved broccoli. Love the pictures!


Wow! This looks amazing! Your timing is too perfect. I am raw for the month and struggling with monotony. I am DEFINITELY making this tonight.




Add grated chedder, walnuts, chopped bacon, and red onions. We eat this all the time. Broccoli grows like mad in my garden.


Looks amazing. I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.

Farmgirl Susan

Saw your beautiful photo on Tastespotting - and when you said you were addicted I knew I had to check out the recipe. It sounds wonderful! And just last night I came across a forgotten head of broccoli in the fridge - it's fate! : )


Wow! This is so different from the usual raw broccoli salad of raisins, bacon, onion, and dressing. I bet the first bite of your salad really takes people by surprise. Yum, I'm making this one!


Can I cheat and add nuts, like almonds or walnuts?


Hmm I like raw broccoli but it would probably be even better with these seasonings!


Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments. Wow, I didn’t know raw broccoli could be such a hit!

Pietra, thanks for the additional ingredient tips. They all sound fantastic.

NewYork Dude, of course you can add nuts. You can add anything you want. I would even consider adding tuna next time too.

Thanks again everyone!


Raw brocoli scares me. But you, and all your readers, seem to think it sounds like a good idea. It's simple enough to make, I may have to brave the raw brocoli! Thanks for pushing me in the "raw" direction! ;)


Wow, I would never have thought to use broccoli raw! I probably would have been too afraid of the bitterness or the chlorophyll-like taste. Ha-ha, does that make sense? But it certainly is healthier and if combined with the best ingredients (Portuguese salt and Tuscan olive oil, I'm impressed! :) it's bound to be a hit.


Wow - this looks & sounds amazing!

And, it just so happens that I have a bunch of broccoli sitting in my fridge with nowhere to go... Guess I'll have to make this recipe

Thanks for the delicious idea :)


What a delicious looking salad! I like raw broccoli more than cooked and I know I'd love this salad. This is exactly the kind of food I'm craving this summer and will definitely give it a try.


Cast away your fears Erinn and eat some raw broccoli! Hopefully you'll fall in love with it. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Manggy, makes total sense and the chopped broccoli does smell like that at first - kind of like freshly mowed grass but once it marinates for a while that kind of disappears.

Thanks Jd & Cassie. Hope you both like it!


Hello! This looks delicious, but I just want to confirm one of the ingredients — when you refer to "coriander," are you referring to the seeds or the leaves? Given that it's being minced, I assume the latter, but I'm used to the leaves being called "cilantro" in the States.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

That looks awesome. I'm getting into raw stuff and this looks like a good addition to my arsenal!

Ines Pessoa

Very good recipe. I am Portuguese and was looking for a raw broccoli salad that I've had in Texas 4 years ago. This one looks even better! Thanks

Christie @ fig&cherry

Fantastic, love it! Especially the addition of cumin.


Syrie, I made this salad yesterday and my husband and I just loved it! I can see why you're addicted. :D I'll be making this one again and again.


This sounds delicious! I love eating veggies raw - I did it with asparagus his year - thinly shaved with a raspberry vinegar dressing and I loved it. I'm getting into more raw foods too at the moment. Your blog is beautiful by the way, I'm glad to have found you.


Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by! I use the cilantro leaves. Sorry I should have stated that!

Thanks Laura. Enjoy!

Hope you like it Ines. Thanks for stopping by.

Cassie, thanks so much for trying it out and I'm really excited that you and your hubby liked it.

Thanks so much Helen. That thinly shaved asparagus sounds fantastic. I must try it out.


Just found this post via Veggie Meal Plans... this looks and sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try it!


We´ve tried this recipe and it is totally amazing, as you said, can´t stop eating it!
I love broccoli but find boring to boil it or steam it...so this recipe will be a must for many years!
thank you so much for sharing it!


I tried this recipe as a side for a potluck and I don't think I liked the combination of garlic and lemon as much as I thought I would. Perhaps next time I will roast the garlic first.

Lynne Miles

I just made a big bowl of this last night to take for lunches this week, alongside a rice/lentil/roasted tomato salad. It's amazing! But I swapped out cilantro for fresh basil and then I left out the cumin (because it didn't make as much sense after the swap). So the freshness of lemon, garlic and basil is fantastic. My lemon was extra big, so it's got a real kick to it. Thanks!


I am DEFINITELY going to try this one... looks beautiful!! And your photography really does this dish justice!


I bought 2 heads of broccoli today while thinking why did I do that, and two lemons. Now I know why.

I am just starting on the raw thing, one ingredient at a time.
Could you recommend a great web site to start me off with the beginning.



The salad was tasty. I think I had too much lemon juice in mine, though. I used the coriander and it had a real Greek flavor to it. I served it as a side with pasta with browned butter and Mizithra cheese.

This recipe is great if your broccoli is a little limp. It seems so much crisper when it's chopped up.


I didn't know raw broccoli tasted that nice until I tried it. But how does it taste? sour sweet

Loopy Lou

This is amazing - I added cheese and bacon with it. I love broccoli raw and now I love it even more. Everyone - try it - you can vary the ingredients to suit your taste. Wonderful - Thanks x


This recipe was delicious - even though I made a big misstep. I didn't see the cilantro leaves comment, so I used actual coriander - and 2Tb. was definitely a bit too strong...but surprisingly, still interesting and tasty. Next time I'm looking forward to trying it with cilantro!

Rachel Hudson

I took this salad to a raw food dinner and it was the biggest hit! My husband loves it, too! Thanks for posting the recipe.

Rachel :-)


DUH !!!!!!!!

Thats NOT a healthy way to prepare this!

with all the oil and salt, u might as well cook it !!!!!!


A delicious nutritious recipe! Thank you! I googled raw broccolli salad and found your wonderful site! Broccolli is so nutritious and garlic, sea salt, lemon juice is as well...what a great way to get all these wonderful health foods into your day..I ate this for 3 days now...and I feel really really good! Love it! Thanks again, beautiful website and info!


I've just prepared this and am just waiting for the hour to be up so I can try it. It looks and smells really yummy. Thank you.


This looks awesome! I love broccoli raw, roasted, steamed... and this definitely sounds different and delicious. Thanks for sharing.


THANK YOU! We have an abundance of broccoli for this week, and I needed a raw recipe for dinner. Looking forward to it!


Thank you for sharing this recipe! I made it today and enjoyed it very much... I didn't taste the bitterness indeed, raw broccoli normally has! And this is a huge improvement for me...

As a beginner in raw food, in fact I naively tried eating broccoli raw... I didn't know in fact how to prepare it properly. But now I now! :D

Thank you again for sharing this unusual and delicious recipe... Only hope I will not get addicted - or maybe I should... :)


Just a head up... if the salt truly does contain "umami", That is MSG a potent excitotoxin. Glutamate is the same chemical responsible for causing a neuron to fire and it is never a good idea to consume, though it may taste good, it damages and kills neurons.


I'm a bit confused about what you mean by coriander - the leaves (which is cilantro) or the seeds?

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