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12 July 2008


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

This sounds heavenly, and I love coconut rice. Your recipes are always so mouth-water-inducing :)

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Gorgeous-looking rice parcels! I'd never thought I'd drool over a rice dessert, but I'm drooling right now and I want one!


This is just gorgeous! My mom, who is Korean, made steamed rice cakes with red beans that I absolutely loved growing up, and I bet I would love these too. And I can't get over how beautiful those banana leaf parcels look!


OH YUM! This brings back memories of summer vacations spent in Thailand. My brother and I loved eating these for breakfast.

I loathe making risotto, but a childhood favorite...I might have to try.

Christie @ fig&cherry

Fantastic shot. Love the styling. I've never eaten these, but judging by your description they sound totally worth the stirring!


You're making me hungry! I haven't eaten this in at least a couple of years. I didn't know there were different kinds, in my family we just call them khao tom. My mom makes them without the beans. I'll have to give her a call and drop some hints!

Marc @ NoRecipes

This looks delicious Syrie. I love rice with coconut milk and with bananas and black beans I bet it tastes divine!


Those look really good!


Thank you Laura!

Thanks eating club - sticky rice desserts always make me drool!

Hi Cassie, thanks for visiting. Love the sound of the red bean cakes.

Same for me Darlene. I love that I can make them even from Vancouver. While they're not exactly the same, they're still delicious. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks Christie!

Hi Bernadette, I can take or leave the beans. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Marc!

Glad you liked them Kevin!


I love rice with coconut, yum. Almost looks like little sushi rolls.


Awesome! It kind of looks like some kind of sushi! I'm not a fan of beans in dessert (... I dunno, I have a hang-up, haha), but the banana I just adore :)


these are similar to chinese zong zi, also delicious! love your photos.


These look beautiful and delicious. Tiny and tasty works of art. Thank you for inspiring me with your pretty blog!


Wow, I think you have opened my cooking world to Thai cuisine. I LOVE all the ingredients in this dish except black beans, which I can leave out, so undoubtedly will love Khao Tom Pad. Not sure where to buy banana leaves, though.

matt wright

Fantastic shot - just looks so edible. Great stuff.


Awesome post and nice shot! I brought back banana leaf from my trip. Hopefully, I can make something from them.
p.s. I pass along this award "Arte y Pico" to you, feel free to check the information on my blog on July 26. Thanks.


Hi Patrick, yes it does rather doesn't it! I'm actually going to be trying out a Thai mango sticky rice sushi dessert soon. Stay tuned!

Hi Manggy. I know the beans do seem a funny addition but they are quite delicious nonetheless and add some good protein to the meal!

I hadn't heard of Zong Si Becky but I'm about to google it right now!

Redmenace, thank you for your kind words and glad you like it!

Thanks so much for visiting Matt!

Thip, I'm honoured. Thank you so much!


Hi, I'm from Thailand and ... just to point out. It's called
Kwao Tom Mud. And yes.....they are DELICIOUS!!!

By the way...nice picture!

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