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28 July 2008



Looks very refreshing, Syrie! I've never had horchata before.

Chupalines... Just thinking about it makes my esophagus hurt :P

Gills n Thrills

I used to go to Oaxaca every year as a child, and I have great memories of it. I would like to make it back there in the near future. I love horchata and recently bought some at a Latin American market, but it was a disappointment. I've found some great horchata while visiting New York at the Red Hook ballfields. Thanks for the posting this recipe- I should try making it!

Joy the Baker

I absolutely LOVE Horchata and these pictures and the recipe have me swooning. I'm so in love... I'm going to make this as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing!


That looks scrumptious! I'm so glad you posted it, and with such a beautiful photo as well. I will absolutely try it soon!

Christie @ fig&cherry

What an unusual combination. Sounds delicious!


Your pictures and descriptions are great. Thanks for the recipe!

I wish I could go to cooking school Oaxaca!

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie!! I didn't know you had been to Penang. That's so great because not many people go there. The next time I am home, you should come and I will take you on a local food crawl. You will get the best foods Penang has to offer. I am just so glad that Georgetown is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. :)

BTW, this rice milk is so original!!! You always share the most original recipes, I love them. :)

Tom Aarons

The first time I read the recipe I missed seeing the vanilla, and I thought, "This would be perfect if it had vanilla..."

It does. And it is. Perfection indeed!


oaxaca sounds like a wonderful place. and the rice milk looks so delicious!


This looks and sounds really good!


Oh, this looks so refreshing. I didn't know cantalope was also called rockmelon! That's my something new for the day!


Oh, this looks so refreshing. I didn't know cantalope was also called rockmelon! That's my something new for the day!


Oh, this looks so refreshing. I didn't know cantalope was also called rockmelon! That's my something new for the day!

Patricia Scarpin

This is the first time I hear about/see horchata de arroz, but I like it already, Syrie!


Hi Manggy...yes they were strange things. I had to try them and at first they were ok. The grasshoppers are fried and then coated in chili powder and lime juice. After about half an hour in a plastic bag they start to sweat so they become all moist and red - gross indeed! I had to throw them away.

Hi gills & thrills. Thanks so much for visiting. Sorry to hear about the disapponting drink but hope you try out this recipe and enjoy it.

I'm thrilled Joy! Please try it and I hope you love it.

Thanks so much Meryl! Hope you enjoy it.

Yes it is unusual Christie but delicious indeed. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Nate, I hope you get to visit Oaxaca one day. It's a gorgeous place and has managed not to be overun with tourists.

Hi Bee, thanks for the message. I loved Penang and hope to get back there one day. My favourite spot was the snake temple! I will definitely take you up on that offer. Have a great time!

Thanks so much for your lovely message Tom!

Thanks for visiting Kevin!

Thanks Paula! Yes, Australians tend to use the two names interchangably. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for stopping by Patricia!


thank you for sharing this recipe. it is something new i would like to try. =)


That looks incredible! I love the blue background you used in the photo - it really made the drink and the pretty etching on the glasses stand out.


i have to make this for my spanish 2 class!!!

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