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13 June 2008


Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks great! Great info about the origin of the name. Financiers have a similarly interesting story if I remember correctly, the sweets were popularized in the financial district of Paris.

Patricia Scarpin

Wow, that is a complete post, I'll say, Syrie! :)
Your profiteroles look adorable. I have never tried them with ice cream - YUM!


Wow! What a first attempt. My entry into Choux pastry was a huge, deflated disappointment, lol.

Wonderful stuff.


Those look so adorable. I need to start my virgin choux pastry quest soon. I love all things mini and individually portioned so this seems perfect for me. The added chocolate orange ice cream is a nice touch too, especially in the dead heat of summer.


Not good for my diet, but I might have to eat one of these anyways. I love the ice cream flavor that you chose... sounds absolutely decadent!


Thanks Marc! I actually did a blog post on Financiers for my About site. They are called "Friands" in Australia and are are really popular treat in the cafe scene.

Thanks so much Patricia!

Don't worry Graeme. That's what happened to me when I tried making a souffle. It took me three miserable goes to get it right! Thanks for visiting.

Thanks Amanda. Yes, profiteroles are the perfect mini food. Good luck!

Me neither Recipe Girl that's why I've been eating vegetable stew all weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

"plumpe like an apple" - very cute, and a good description of me after I eat profiteroles ;) They look absolutely delicious, and I love the idea of stuffing them with ice cream!


for a first time attempt, these look perfect! i'm envious. i do love profiteroles. they're so good to have at parties as well or tea, because they're so 'poppable' in terms of poppin them in your mouth. love it.

these are great, especially with ice cream filling.mmmm

Bellini Valli

This is the ULTIMATE ice cream sandwich Syrie:D


These look delicious. My only attempt at making choux pastry ended in disappointment when the cooking instructor accidently opened the oven door and they flopped.

Big Boys Oven

What a beauty, make me wanting to have one! well captured too!


thanks LittleM. A similar thing happened with my first, second and THIRD souffle. Don't give up!

Thanks so much Big Boy!


Once I had a chance to have Swiss premium ice creams and an array of coffee & desserts. Me and my colleagues had two scoops of Movenpick ice creams of our choice. They were simply soothing. This is something one can’t afford to miss. You scream, I scream for Ice Cream!!


I've been researching the origin of profiteroles and your old French dictionary research is invaluable! I live in an Italian district, and I thought for sure, that I had them in Italy, and (for some reason) think they are originally Italian, but can't get any proof via the internet, anyways, thanks for posting about the definitions here. I love the history of food & customs! I read "profiteroles" were "little profits," which works with your "pourboire" definition.

Soft Cialis

Does anyone have a nice recipe for homemade orange ice-cream? i saw Big Cock little cock making it on tv the other day but cant find the recipe.

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