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10 June 2008


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

"Vegetarian Hunting" - lol! love how you put that. The pasta sounds absolutely mouthwatering :)


I have been wanting to try morel mushrooms for a while. That pasta looks really good!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks wonderfully simple and tasty. I agree that simpler is better when it comes to morels:-)


Simple really is the best way with morels, those look great!

Bellini Valli

I haven't had the good fortune of finding morels on our grocers shelves here in the valley. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. I will still keep looking:D I didn't realize you were from Vancouver so I have added you to my Canadian Bloggers section on my side bar.


Pretty little morels. They are so funny looking yet so delicious.
That's what's great about seasonal cooking -the excitement that comes with having to wait for something.
Lovely, lovely photos.


Thanks Laura!

Thanks for visiting Kevin. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about them.

Thanks Marc. I'm going to try them again, this time just sauteed without any pasta.

Thanks for stopping by Brilynn!

Thanks Bellini! Yep been here for 3.5 years. It's flown by and what a beautiful country!

Thanks so much Erinn. I can't wait for zucchini blossoms next!


I love wild mushrooms...any kind but regular button are magnificent (and even button mushrooms aren't so bad!) Yay morels.


Me too. I espcially love shitakes.


This looks delicious. I haven't tried morels, but I'm thinking wild duck with a mushroom gravy and wild rice. You should try your hand at duck while morels are still in season in BC.


This looks beautiful - you're photo's are wonderful! I want to jump in there and eat some - really nice!


Julia, I like what you're thinking. It's the perfect combo. Ok, I have to get over my fear of cooking duck like NOW!

Thanks so much Rhiannon!

Michael Natkin

Hey guys - just found your blog from tastespotting. Beautiful pictures of those morels! I did a similar dish with morels and Jerusalem artichokes that was one of my favorite dishes this spring. It really is a shame that the morels are almost gone. What do you pay for them in BC if you don't forage? Down here in Seattle I've seen them anywhere from $30/lb up to $60.
(Here's a link to my pasta: http://www.herbivoracious.com/2008/05/recipe-fresh-sp.html )


How good do they look!?

Joe Blough

Cooking them in butter is 'simple', your method had 7 ingredients including fettucine. Mixing them with other mushrooms only alters the taste. They should be served on there own if you really want to taste the morel, anything else is just a mish-mash!

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