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23 June 2008



Good find, Syrie :) How deeply did it taste of chocolate?

The plating of the dessert is just fantastic!


That is quite a fun dessert for a dinner party. My gourmet group would be quite excited. I'll have to have my sis pick some up for me at Pikes!


oh my goodness!! when i made my chocolate sausages i thought it was crazy..seeing this chocolate fetuccine of yours..i think this world has really gone up side down ..really delicious!


Some of your pics are simply fabulous. I especially love the first one here!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Wow fascinating! I don't know anywhere around here I can get chocolate pasta, but I recently got a pasta machine and this looks like a fun first try at a sweet pasta dish:-)


I can't wait for you to make chocolate ravioli! I'm sure the pictures will be divine.


Wow. The boundaries, when it comes to food, are endless. I love the way you prepared it and decorated the plate!


Thanks Hillary! It's pretty mind boggling isn't it!

Me too Julia. Although it might be a little while yet. Will keep you posted and thanks for visiting!

I'm jealous Marc! Can't wait to hear about all your experiments.

Thank you so much TBC!

Chocolate sausages! Now that is different. Thanks for visiting Dhanggit.

Have a great party Recipegirl! Hope you like it.

Thanks so much Manggy. Not very strong. If I were to make it I think I would use a richer, raw cocoa powder.


I have never had chocolate pasta but it sounds really interesting. I will have to look for some. Serving it with raspberries sounds like a good idea.

Patricia Scarpin

That is absolutely exciting, Syrie! And you served it so beautifully!

Rasa Malaysia

Love raspberries, they are the prettiest berries, don't you think? Love your picture and choc pasta!!

Vegeyum Ganga

Really beautiful photos. I hope that you get to make your own one day with your own pasta machine.

Sweet Tooth

Wow - gorgeous pictures!



I don't know why I didn't mention this before, but I'm hosting Presto Pasta Nights this week and this should DEFINITELY be in the roundup!

Food Rockz Man

I'm a compulsive pasta maker and chocolatier . . . so I now have to make this pasta, but I'll aim for something sweeter when I put together my pasta dough, so it's more of a full-on dessert dish. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration!


I've never heard of chocolate pasta either but now that I've seen this post, I may not be able to get it out of my mind! I wonder if my parents still have their pasta maker...

PS I second adding it to the PPN roundup!


Wow, the last time I had chocolate pasta was in cooking school and I thought my Chef was Insane. This looks outstanding though.. I'm gonna have to dig out my old papers from college and find that old recipe.


I once ordered fresh chocolate pasta at a crazy fancy restaurant in Las Vegas. It was a combination of sweet and savory, and to this day I'm still not sure if it was good or not. I love that you served this with dessert with fresh raspberry sauce. It looks like a treat, but certainly order the fresh version if you ever have the change. Thanks for the lovely photos!

Chez US

What fun!


i had chocolate noodles in shanghai once. a cute idea and it actually tasted pretty good as well. i think i remember it coming with a passionfruit puree that was amazing.


A beautiful plate and a great idea of dessert!


Hi everyone, thank you so much for visiting and for your wonderful comments. Glad you all enjoyed the chocolate pasta.


awww, that's beautiful..
i'm sure these photos got you the prize for good looking blog..
thanks for the post

Mary from Cooking Recipe Videos


Gorgeous plating & styling! Hope it tasted as great as it looked :)


Very elegant!!


This looks and sounds amazing. When are you launching your book?


Congratulations on your win!

Vinod Kumar

Very good presentation. Can you write the recipe of the chocolate pasta?

Paddy Lukens

I just bought a bag of chocolate fettucini while visiting Rome. The vendor at the little boutique where I bought it said to fix it with butter, cream and parmesan. That sounded strange, as I thought it must be for dessert. But I did it anyway when we got home, using a simple, old, all-natural (and calorie-laden) fettucini Alfredo recipe. It was FABULOUS!! Would be wonderful as a first course, or paired with a grilled fillet mignon. I'm afraid it's addictive...

buy carisoprodol

First time to hear that chocolate pasta, I wanna taste that kind of pasta...


I have made a chocolate pasta and deep fried the noodles for a until preferred crunchiness (about 20-30 seconds) and served it with a homemade chocolate pudding that you can make the same way you make alfredo sauce, but instead of the cheese, add sweetened coco. Make a roux from butter and flour and then add hot milk (whisking continuously over medium heat), add coco to taste and stir until thickened like a gravy. You may have to add flour until desired thickness.


This looks good but as with the chocolate ravioli im not too sure the mousse will work. As mousse is very likely to split once heated so im sure it will need to be a thin custard type filling. i have thought about trying it but have not had the chance. good luck with it though. keep up the good work

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