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03 June 2008


Laurie Constantino

You can tell how much I know about Indian food when I tell you I've never heard of butter chicken before! But even without hearing of it, I can tell from the recipe that it has wonderful flavor and that I'm bound to like it. Thanks for the education about a new dish (and about usli ghee - I always thought ghee was always clarified butter, so I learned that too). I'm curious - is cream often used in Indian cooking?


sounds fabulous...can't wait to try it ...


omg, yum! of all foods i have eaten thus far in life, i can easily say that i could eat this meal everyday if i had to. delicious! it's so hard to duplicate at home for me, so i'm gonna give your recipe a try!


Your chicken looks great. Butter chicken and saag paneer are my two favorite Indian dishes. I have a good saag recipe, but I've yet to find a butter chicken recipe so I will definitely give this a try.

I have an Indian coworker who said he only uses milk-derived ghee on toast or brushed on breads so it did sound more like a luxury item. I often use mustard oil when I cook Indian food, even when the recipe doesn't call for it because I love the flavor it imparts.

michelle @ TNS

whoa, that looks good. plus, butter!

i've never heard of butter chicken before. is it like tikka masala?


Very good research on the ghee.
I make this dish with Kashmir red chili powder. You can but them whole and grind them as needed. Though this chili powder is not hot, it imparts a very good red color to the dish.
And also, chili powder is simply ground dried chili pepper and not the chili powder used in American meat chili.
Let me know if you want to try making ghee at home.


I love butter chicken and have been wanting to make it for a while. Thanks for the great recipe and the interesting info about ghee. Im inspired!


That butter chicken looks tasty!

Marc @ NoRecipes

This dish has such a cool name! I've only had it a few times, but remember liking it. Your version looks delicious and prawns sound like a fantastic idea.


Thanks Marc! Yes, I can't wait to eat this dish again and I do hope the prawns work well so I can feed it to my 'vegetarian' friends.

Thanks for stopping by Kevin!

Thanks Angela!

Thanks for the great info Valerie. I did see a recipe for making ghee so I will definitely try it out. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Michelle, the flavours are somewhat similar however the butter chicken isn't baked and it's more watery. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks Darlene, I also love saag paneer. I've never tried making it though so I'd love to get your recipe. Interesting about the ghee on toast. I'm going to try making it in the next few weeks. I've never used or even seen mustard oil, so I must try that out as well.

Hi Candyce, I think I'm the same as you and I usually tend to get sick of eating the same thing pretty quickly. Hope you like it!

Thanks Stephanie. Hope you like it too!

Hi Laurie, Thanks for your comments! Cream is used in some parts of India however it is considered a bit of a luxury. I believe buffalo milk is also used frequently in cooking.


Wow, I always thought that butter chicken had a lot more butter in it. I'm surprised at how little is in the recipe. I have to confess that it is one of my favorites and yours looks better than I've ever had. I have never made any Indian food at home before but I just might have to try this one. Thanks for the great post!

Bellini Valli

Served on a bed of basmati rice I would be in heaven eating this dish. This is a very popular dish here as well:D


When I initially read the title "Butter Chicken"...I didn't think I'd be too in love, but that picture and the ingredient list really changed my mind! Mmm!


I made this for dinner and everyone really loved it - even my 12 year old son liked it!

I wasn't sure what to do with the ginger though -- I decided to put it into the pan when I was sauteing the garlic. Also, what type of canned tomatoes should I have used? I used tomato sauce but considered diced...

Overall it was great! Thanks for making Indian food approachable!


Hi Julia,
Thanks so much for trying out the recipe and I'm thrilled that you liked it. I'm sorry I totally left out instructions for the ginger. Yes, you were right to saute it. I've fixed the omission and I've been more specific about the canned tomatoes. I usually use whole La Moliano Roma tomatoes. I roughly chop them and also use a little of the liquid from the can.

Thanks for stooping by Bellini!

Hi Hillary...I know it was very inspired was it. I should have added 'rocks' on the end. Thanks for visiting!

Rasa Malaysia

This looks so good Syrie. I can almost taste the milkiness of this curry. :)

Rasa Malaysia

And I can't wait for the prawn version. Maybe I should cook up one too using your recipe. Anyway, there is a Malaysian butter prawn dish but very different. It's on my blog and I bet you will like it. :)


Wow, this dish looks wonderful! Found your blog via Kalyn's Kitchen. I love Butter Chicken and have ordered it many times. Now that I have your recipe, I'll have to give it a go at home. Your photos are lovely, too.

Happy Cook

Wow that butter chicken looks super delicious.
It is true that we don't use ghee in our everyday cooking.
Actually i use them for special occasions only other wise just use normal veg oil
Came here through Muncher

[eatingclub vancouver] js

Thanks for the info re different kinds of ghee.

Did you have problems with curdling of the yogurt when the tomatoes went in?


Thanks Bee! I'm going to finally get on to the prawn version.

Thanks so much Paula! I hope you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by Happy cook. I usually use vege or canola oil.

Hey eating club! I didn't have any problem with curdling. It all seemed to combine well but i guess it depends on the yoghurt.

Kitchen M

I love butter chicken. Yours looks just like my favorite one from a restaurant!

Eat Smart Age Smart

Thanks for sharing a new dish. That butter chicken looks delicious. Whenever there’s a dinner at friends, I’m usually the one preparing the chicken dish. I rarely skip a chicken recipe … I’m always collecting them. I'm gonna give your recipe a try over the weekend.

Nikki ( loves chapati <3 )

I am really interested in the prawn variation of this recipe. Somehow your infatuation with this dish has been transferred to me just from reading the recipe. It's a little chilly here and I'm sure a plate of butter chicken would warm me up. Thanks for sparking an Indian food craving.


That looks delicious! Thank you for sharing! =)

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