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15 May 2008



I had no idea that raw food could look and sound that delicious. Thank you for opening up my mind to another delicious foodie opportunity!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

The whole 'raw food' movement is pretty intriguing - I have to admit, I could never give up cooked food entirely but your photos are gorgeous!


Your photographs are fabulous. Love your blog...glad I found it!


A raw chocolate brownie? Interesting. I'd be willing to give it a try.


Wow, that's really interesting. I don't know a thing about the "raw food movement." But I'd love to try some of that stuff!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Sounds interesting, we have a few macrobiotic restaurants here in NYC, but I've never had the motivation to go. I may have to give them a try.


Thanks Melissa! The possibilities are mind boggling. If you are into raw or vegan/vegetarian that I suggest checking out either the RAWvolution or Juliano's cook book.

Me neither Laura. I just love cooked food and I think it's good to have a balanced diet. After my LA visit I've started drinking green juices each morning that I think that gives me a good intake of fresh green vegetables.

Thanks so much Penni!

Hillary, it was really amazing. It had coconut and some nuts in it as well, I think Macadamias.

Hope you get to try it out Lori...stay tuned for my attempts at some raw food.

Marc, I think you'll be presently surprised! thanks for visiting.


The mushroom burger at RAWvolution is pretty amazing as well.

Dorothy Tong

Hi Syrie! I love your blog! Your pictures are gorgeous! And I love raw brownies too - that coconut cake looks super; i must try it sometime!


wow, i've underestimated raw food! i'd take just about anything in those pictures over the food i'm used to eating any day of the week, especially that coconut pie. decadent!


Raw food was totally off my radar until I happened to try Cafe Gratitude in the Bay Area.

If you haven't yet, you MUST try a good raw food restaurant... It'll absolutely blow your mind what they're doing with raw fruits and veggies!



One of us at this end of the communication tried to be a fruitarian for a while. That's a philosophy of eating that tries to be 100% raw. The results of this experiment: it gets booooooring after a while.

A couple of days ago I came across an explanation on the net of the raw food movement. Their idea is that humankind lived on this planet off raw food for millenia before cooking was ever invented. Raw is the natural way of eating, cooked is an artificial method of food preparation compared to our original ancestors's ways. Don't blame me. That's what they say.

A different website--from the opposite end of the debate--claimed the amount of disease and problems spread by raw veggies and fruit is greater than meat-borne diseases and problems. Most people think meat is more unsafe than veggies, but statistics say otherwise. IOW, be careful with raw fruits and veggies.

Finally, aw c'mon, tell us the secret ingredient, please, please, please. I'm on the edge of my chair.

Jill C.

There is only one thing raw I'll eat. I'll let you decide what that is.


I absolutely must have a recipe for that raw coconut pie. Can anyone help me?

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