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10 April 2008



I saw this on Tastespotting. This is my husband's favorite dessert (and I love it too) but I've never made it -- I will soon, thanks to your recipe.

Mango Power Girl

O that looks beautiful! I've never tried this dish having eaten so many mangoes all my life. I'll have to now!


Oooohhh. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It was my craving last night, as this dessert often is. Something about the texture of the rice keeps me coming back for more. Yum!


Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by and I hope your hubby enjoys it.

Love the name Mango Power Girl and yes you simply must try it!

Hi Annie, I know what you mean about the texture. It's very special! Thanks for visitng.

Patricia Scarpin

Syrie, this looks so good! I'm sucker for both rice and mangoes.


Yum. My first time to visit your blog - it's great. I'll be back!


That looks really good! I recently made/had Thai sticky rice with mango and really enjoyed it. Such a simple and yet wonderful desert.


This is one of my favorite desserts as well. Anyone who doesn't like this dessert is just plain crazy! I also like it with durian. Too bad it's impossible to find here in the states.


This is such a simple dessert, yet looks stunning and muste taste beautiful with its clean flavours!


Me too Patricia! Thanks for stopping by.

Debby, jusy visited your blog 'Simply Gluten Free' and I think it's fabulous! Beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting.

Hi Kevin, that's what I love about it so much, its simplicity.

Hi DP! I don't know about durian, delicious yes but SO pungent! Maybe it's a good thing you can't find it!:)

Thanks Ronell! Hope you get to try it.


Sticky rice is my favorite food of all time. I just love the texture and everything about it. The owner of our favorite Thai restaurant in Boston even brought me back a sticky rice candle from Thailand becasue I was so obsessed with it. I've never made it, but I have attempted to. I will have to try this recipe.


Can I use jasmine rice with this?

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