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04 April 2008


Rasa Malaysia

Welcome back...I've missed your posts. :)


It is a splendid site.
I linked so that your site could visit it from my site.
Please link by all means with my site.

Because I show various recipes, please visit the all of you.

If a site and you that it is possible, and a big connection comes,
and it was watched comment by each other by linking have you visit it,
I am happy at all. And I pray for your good luck.

Patricia Scarpin

That cup is calling out my name, Syrie. :)

a. grace

chocolate + cinnamon + cloves? irresistible.


Thanks Bee! My tan has gone already. Boo Hoo!

Thanks for visiting and for the well wishes Cooking Cooking!

Patricia , I am just about to sit down to one now!

Couldn't agree more Grace. Thanks for stopping by.


What a wonderful luxury...


Oaxacan style chocolate is now being made here in the USA. If you want chocolate JUST like in Oaxaca, see the web site. If the chocolate in Oaxaca is too sweet foryou, we custom blend to your taste and can make it as sweet or as pure as your taste buds desire.

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