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01 May 2008


Marc @ NoRecipes

Wow that looks soooo much better than the dull pasty clay-like curry paste you get at the store. I'm totally going to try this! How long do you think it will keep for?


Hi Marc, The paste will last for up to two weeks. Do you have a mortar and pestle? I highly recommend making it that way if you do as the bruising from the pounding really enhances the flavour, more so than the sharp blades of a processor. Thanks for visiting!


Home made curry paste is the best. I made some Penang curry paste a while ago and I was thinking of a red or green curry paste next.

michelle @ TNS

wow. the color and texture are so intense. i really want to try this; i'll have to track down all these ingredients.

thinking about the mussels in coconut-curry broth is making my drool a little, especially since i just had the most wretched take-away for lunch.


Homemade curry paste is so great! I love make the paste on my own, combine different spices to achieve totally different curries - earthy curries with a lot dried spices, or very fresh and lemony tasting curries with a lot lemongrass, galangal, lime zest...and fresh chillies. I found great curry paste recipes in david thompsons book "thai food" (about 50 different pastes)... You should try some of them if you get the book!

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie - I never made any curry paste from scratch either, too much work for me, but mostly because the store-bought ones are too good to be true already I just don't think I can beat them. I am talking about the Malaysian curry paste though, which is different from Thai ones and I have no idea what they use in the secret paste. ;)

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

That looks so good...might have to try it myself as I love using my pestle and mortar! :)


All I can say is wow! I'm 100% Thai, but I never made my own curry paste. :(


Hi Kevin, I don't think I've tried Penang curry paste but I just found a recipe for it so I will give it a go. Thanks for visiting.

Hope you get to try it out Michelle. It's worth it!

Wow Wenke! Fifty different pastes. It's mind boggling. Green curry is on my list next and then maybe a Massaman. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Bee...you gotta try it, especially with all the gorgeous food you cook.

Me too Laura, although if I'm going to carry on with this homemade paste stuff, I'm going to need a larger one.

Hi Thip...well you're forgiven because your baking is so fantastic!


HaHa! What did I tell you? 40minutes! You must have arms of steel and the patience to match! But well worth it huh? I can just imagine the ski goggles.

I use the same recipe (except I use makrut leaves) from the same book, so I know it's good!

[eatingclubvancouver] js

Great looking paste! Thanks -- looking forward to trying this one soon.


BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to try; thanks for the wonderful explanation.

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