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24 April 2008


Patricia Scarpin

I have seen Anzac cookies around and even have a few books with recipes for them, but I had no idea of the story behind everything, Syrie. It's beautiful!
Your cookies look delicious.

noble pig

They look delicious and interesting!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

I made some myself this morning to honour the occasion - it was hard not to eat the mixture! The golden syrup really gives them something. Yours look delicious :) and you're right, they are definitely biscuits, not cookies!

Marc @ NoRecipes

Cool! Thanks for the bit of history:-)


It's great to know that Aussies living overseas remember Anzac day too. I always wondered whether this was still a big deal once you leave home, but it's nice to know that the appreciation and gratitude spans all the way from Canada!


Thank you Patricia! I hope you get to try them out.

Thanks for visiting Noble Pig!

Hi Laura, just checked out your biccies. they look great! I love the smell of Anzacs.

No probs Marc. Thanks for visiting.

Hi JenJen, I think for me that the feelings have grown stronger since being away from home. Thanks so much for visiting.


Hi Syrie, I might be going blind but shouldn't there be oats in the recipe?


Oh my god Haalo, thanks so much for catching that. Fixed!


I never had Anzac cookies before. Great site.


Thanks so much for visiting Helene. I hope you make them! They're so easy to prepare and very delicious.

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