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04 March 2008



Oh yum! Those look great!


The springrolls look fantastic. In honor of the King, I would dip them in peanut butter before shoveling them in my mouth!


that looks awesome i can't wait to try, and more than likely mess that one up...but what a tasty disaster it would be.

Patricia Scarpin

Syrie, I wish I could have these for dessert! They look sinfully delicious.


You just can't go wrong with that list of ingredients. Those look fabulous!


These look delicious! And you can't go wrong with chocolate and banana (and deep fried!!)

michelle @ thursday night smackdown

i'll take a dozen, please!


Oh my goodness, that is drool worthy! Sounds just like what you'd get in a nice restaurant and looks even better!


How long before serving can you make these, so they won't turn soggy?


Finally something else to make with the leftover phyllo in my freezer! Awesome!


Hi everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments. The spring rolls were so easy to make and a real treat indeed.

Diana, in response to your question about serving time, I made the rolls in two batches. I ate the first batch straight away and the second batch I ate around 8 minutes after they were fried. They were still delcilious and weren't soggy at all. I wouldn't leave them much longer after that though.

Thanks again everyone!


try rice bran oil it has a higher smoke point than sunflower oil.

Jessie Cacciola

found your blog on tastespotting -- luv this recipe! I've decided to feature it as my "daily dish" tomorrow on my art/food/lifestyle blog (and link back to you of course)...hope that's alright. Thanks for the great recipe, I'll be sure to stop by again!
- Jessie -


That looked amazingly yummilicious!


Thanks for the tip Sportchick! I had never heard of ricebran oil.

Hi Jessie. Of course it's all right. Thanks so much for featuring Taste Buddies. Your blog is great!

Thank you Carolyn!


those look SO amazing! i love chocolate and banana anything.



Ah, I had something very like this in Kyoto a couple of years back - and you're right, they're absolutely delicious!

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie, I had this in the Asian specialty restaurant onboard the cruise. I love it, but mine was w/o the choc. I was thinking to myself what a brilliant idea, bananas wrapped with spring roll skins (which guarantees crispiness) and then deep fried. But yours is a notch up! ;)


Thanks Bee! I am going to try mango and chocolate next time. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Thanks for stopping by!


Hi Syrie, love your blog. Where would I find these spring rolls? I can't w8 2 try my hand at them.


Thanks Rita! Check out your local Asian groccer for frozen springroll sheets. They are usually pretty easy to find. Good luck!


Theses Springrolls look totally terrific. I just can't stand waiting and trying to prepare them.
Congratulations !

John Scarborough

Instead of cutting up spring roll sheets I used wonton wrappers which are already the correct size.
I didn't have chocolate bits so used grated chocolate instead.
After deep frying I arranged them in a dish and poured chocolate fruit sauce over them and then dollops of whipped cream.
Chocolate fruit sauce is made with a fruit called chocolate fruit.
If you haven't seen it beforem look it up.


hello,you vegetables recipes are so cool,i really like Chocolate Banana Springrolls very much.

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