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24 February 2008



Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I love the pale white mixed with the fresh colorful fruit. I won't lie, I never knew what pavlova was until a couple of months ago and it fascinates me as well. How it comes together, it's consistency, and texture.


That's amazing, Syrie.

Raw meringue always reminds of that great Marshmallow Fluff.

Looks great, and I'm glad you remembered the Passionfruit. It's just not a party with Passionfruit.


Amanda, thank you for your lovely comments. I am glad you find the whole process amazing too!

Hi Graeme, thanks so much! It certainly is like marshmellow fluff. I would like to jump into a big pool of it!

Patricia Scarpin

Syrie, this looks fantastic! So, so beautiful, my friend.

I tried making a pavlova a year or so ago, but it didn't work - my oven was not OK. Now I have to try again, tks for the inspiration!


your pavlova looks amazing. I am looking forward to summer when berries are abundant, so I can make pavlova. :)


Hello lovely Patricia. Better luck next time, I am sure. Anyway, everything else you make is fantastic!

Thanks for the kind words Mandy. I love berries too. They are just so perfect and beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your berry pav.


I've never made pavlova but you got me really curious. Fruit and meringue together sounds rather nice - can't wait for the summer to come!


Hi Suzana, I hope you try it. It is such a delicious dessert.

Ruth Clough

Hi! My granddaughter is doing a semester in Australia and I have been writing her with whatever info I can remember from my two trips to Australia. Pavlova is a memory, but the recipe I have came from a home stay in New Zealand. I tried it once and it was a "flop". I am tempted to try it again. The merangue goes into a 410o F oven for only a minute but you then turn the oven off and let it sit until the oven is cold.


Interesting, very nice. Advice I read those articles and I decided to also contribute. I am of Slovak republic and I also site - a blog focusing on recipes for cooking. See. All good. Page to be translated through Google translate.


I just had pavlova for the first time. And all I can say is AMAZING! I had no idea it was so popular. I have yet to make it myself, but I may give it a go soon. My kids went crazy for it too. And yours looks fabulous.

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