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03 February 2008


a. grace

i've never been a fan of scones, mostly because they're usually so dry. these, however, look really good. perhaps it's just your masterful photography. either way, nicely done!


there is literally nothing better than a dollop of cream with a warm scone and some tea. it's one of my favorite indulgences. fantastic pictures, really like the colors.


Hi Amanda, thank you for stopping by. Scones really are a perfect winter indulgence!


Hey A. Grace - it is all thanks to the Baking Sheet's Buttermilk recipe and it is really important to knead the dough only very briefly - this ensures the scones are like hot little pillows - I promise no trick photography here!


My favourite is Bonne Maman too, especially the peach jam! And I'm leaving for a month to South Africa where I'll be indulging in scones again, now that I've seen yours, I just can't wait!
* I have passed on a meme to you- to reveal 5 things about yourself and then choose 5 other people. I apologize if you've already done it or don't care to dot it...then you can just skip it or link to a previous post.
R x


That jam and cream combination looks like heaven on a scone!


Hi Ronell, I have never tried the peach but it's on my list for next time. I also like Bonne Maman marmalade though. Have a great trip!

Thanks for visiting Hillary. Heaven indeed!

Patricia Scarpin

Nic's blog was one of the first blogs I got to know, too, Syrie. And she does have wonderful recipes there.

These scones look scrumptious!


Your scones look wonderful! With jam and cream, they can't be beat!



Matt Wright

These are great looking scones. The scones you get here in the US are nothing like the proper British version that I grew up with.

Great job.


Thanks for visiting Matt! Yes, the ones I have tasted in Vancouver are like little rock cakes.

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