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06 February 2008



Gorgeous! Being Thai of course I adore the idea as well.



Good for you for sticking with it! Fortune favours the brave! Souffles are on my list of 'must try' this year - I've shied away so far, given all the horror stories I've heard, but I really must just go for it. These look and sound delightful.


Thanks Pim! I consider myself very lucky to be half Thai. I grew up in Bangkok as a child and spent the first 10 years of my life eating all sorts of delicious things. I particularly miss all the kanom and street food. Thanks for visiting!

Hi Helen, good luck. Just make sure your egg white whipping bowl and egg beaters are extra extra clean to allow for those stiff egg whites. I look forward to hearing all about it.


Nice looking souffle! I like the sound of a coconut souffle. Though I have never seen pandanus leaves before...

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

Chapeau, you made the umlaut! Thank you for your WHW entry, I never seen pandanus leaves. But WHB broadens the horizon :-)


Well the end result looks like the best souffle ever! Great job.

Rasa Malaysia

Syrie - have I told you that I love your blog...hehe.

Anyway, nice twist to the souffle, I am sure some restaurant chefs will be totally stealing your idea. :)


Aw shucks Bee! Thank you for your kind words. I love yours too.

Hillary, thanks so much!

Ulrike, I hope you get to try pandanus one day!


It does look just fabulous. I've never heard of pandanus leaves before. I'd love to taste this.


It does look just fabulous. I've never heard of pandanus leaves before. I'd love to taste this.

A scientist in the kitchen

Pandanus or pandan (in Tagalog) is great for desserts. You can also add them while steaming rice so your rice would be aromatic. Or wrap them around chicken before frying to make chicken pandan. But your souffle is unique :)


Hello Scientist! You read my mind...I made use of the left over leaves for my new post. Thanks for visiting!

Hilary Sheaves

What a clever little puss!... love mama

White On Rice Couple

Pandanus leaves are something I've yet to cook with. Your dish is lovely and inspiring. When I get a hold of some I will definitely try it. Thank you!

Megan Renee

This looks simply fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

what a fascinating idea! I have recently decided to learn the art of souffle because I want to experiment with african fusion cooking. I love the thai-inspired take on souffle.


Thanks Erin. I love the sound of African fusion. I don't have much experience with it but look forward to hearing more on your blog.


I love Pandan! I didn't know that I can buy fresh pandan leaves in Vancouver though, great find!

Ah Shui

Great, never eat pandan souffle before, must be yummy. like your photos and blog too...


I am very interested in the panda leaf creme brulee - have you created it yet? I would be your biggest fan if you would pass it on? Thank you!!!!

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