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30 January 2008



I love those little strips of steak, especially when they're covered in Satay sauce.


Terry B

I really should know better than to read food blogs before lunch. Especially when they have such lovely photos as this one. The nice thing about using beef instead of pork [which I also love] with this dish is that if it's a little on the rare side, that's fine. It's the dead of winter here in Chicago, but I bet these would be fabulous on a grill, with the nice smoky touch it would give them.

Rasa Malaysia

I love your beef satay. I have been here in south of France and miss Asian food so much despite eating fab French food everyday...yummy...more skewers please. :)


Hi Bee. Thanks for stopping by. Gee, I am trying up satay beef and the south of France...I choose the latter. Although I do know what you mean about missing Asian Food. I was in France for a month a few years ago and by the end of it I was dying for something simple and Asian to eat. I found a brilliant little Vietnamese restaurant in Montparnasse and ate two bowls of Pho! Happy travels!


I love them too Graeme! Thanks for stopping by.


Hi Terry. I make a point of trying not to look at food blogs even if I am a little peckish. It's too tortuous. I also love Pork Satay, especially the way Thais serve it. The meat is usually quite fatty and therefore delicious when bbq'd. Thanks for visitng.


I wouldn't have though to pair this beer particularly but it looks wonderful regardless!


It looks absolutely stunning - beautiful shot(s), Syrie!


Thank you Hillary & Suzana!


The photos are just mouth-watering. This sounds just delicious. Saving the recipe right now. I'm not a big beef eater, but in this type of preparation with lots of other interesting flavors, I know I'd like it.


Love your sate. In Indonesia, most food street vendors sell sate ayam (chicken sate), and sate kambing (goat sate). Just like in your beautiful pictures, they serve with shallot, cucumber and chili pickles. Last but least we always use kecap manis :)


Thanks so much Pepy! I love Kecap manis but I've never tried it with satay. Thanks for the tip.

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

Looks great. I've never used palm sugar when making satay before. I'll have to give it a try (if I can find some).


you had a beautiful picture here

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