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18 January 2008



Syrie, that is a beautiful (and delicious-looking!) salad! I'm so looking forward for the winter to be finished so I can kick off my salads season!


Thanks for the kind words on the self portrait, Syrie.

I love Moroccan spices, and I love the way Shrimp look, but my God, I hate them so much, lol.

Great post though.


Thank you Susana! I look forward to hearing about your salads.


Graeme! You hate prawns?! How could you? Bad experience? Thanks for stopping by anyhow!

Rasa Malaysia

Look at those shrimp...so yummy! I love shrimp so much I can eat them 24x7!

Laurie Constantino

This looks so incredibly good, and is a fascinating combination of flavors. I love sumac in just about anything, and caramelized onions add fabulous flavor. Great recipe! On the harissa, did you use harissa paste or harissa powder?


What a great photo of the salad. I love the way the white plate looks against the dark background. And the salad looks just delicious. I like sumac and this has such an interesting blend of ingredients.

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

The salad looks great, thanks for sharing the recipe...


First time visitor here and the site looks great!

The harissa and sumac gave the shrimp a brilliant red colour and...heat of course!


Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by. It was my first time using Sumac. It is a wonderful spice. Just checked out your Gambas al Pil Pil recipe - looks fantastic!


Bea & ulrike, thanks so much for stopping by!


Laurie & Kalyn, it was actually my first time using sumac as I said to Peter. It is such an interesting spice so i want to use it again. I just have to find some new recipes for it!

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