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14 December 2007



This is such a beautiful pudding. I found some purple rice from Thailand by a company called AlterEco. I tried it out, but the rice never seemed cooked all the way through. Maybe the box should have said that it needed to soak overnight first. Hmmm...But your pudding looks delicious and is such a gorgeous color.


I love all Thai desserts! Give me those over anything chocolate any day! Unfortunately you never find them here in the US.


Wow, I love "unusal" recipes. This one sounds delicious. Thank you for joining SHF 38.


Hi Bri, Yes try soaking it overnight and that should do the trick. You can also just add more boiling water to the rice when you are steaming it and that should do the trick as well. Thanks for stopping by!


Hi DB, me too. I crave them. I really love all the Thai jellies and custards. There are a few restaurants than make Sticky rice and mango but it's never the same as the authentic thing.


Thanks Zorra! Look forward to seeing the pudding round up.


Jeez - I knew I liked sticky rice, and rice pudding but I have never tried BLACK sticky rice pudding! I will have to! :)


this looks so great. I have never had black rice pudding and with the sesame seeds, it must be extraordinary..I'm putting it on my list.


What a stunning dish. While usual for you it would be a great UNusual pudding for my family to try. Thanks for sharing.


I've always soaked black sticky rice over night, this pudding is also yummy with equal parts black and white sticky rice. I've always served it with fresh mangos or star fruit. Try serving it in a large green bowl, the colour contrast is beautiful!


If you're interested, take a look at my recipe for Black Glutinous Rice - this is the way it's usually done in Southeast Asia. =)

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