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29 December 2007



They looked so cute!
Makes a perfect snack for me too!


I've always wanted to try making croissants but they seemed so delicate. One misstep, and you are left with clunky croissants. But yours turned out perfect. They look like little puffed up seashells.


I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF who trained at Peter Kump Culinary University in Brooklyn, NY. But as I have admitted on my thousands of posts (many under MrsDocChuck, realchiffonade, and dozens of other names), I NEVER learned how to cook rice or to bake croissants.

So i just go down to the local walmart and buy those canned kind.

In fact, for christmas, i cooked my new boyfriend (he's called the MANAGER because he says he manages some girl "singers" i think) some roasted eggplant, some of that fake crab meat (spelled with a "K") and some doughboy croissants.

Your website is almost as nice as mine.


Fantastic job shaping them, Syrie.

They look absolutely beautiful.


Cindy, ogle till your heart's content. Mental binges are what blogs are made for!

Amanda, thank you, but really your confidence in me is misplaced: the credit has to go to Maged from Vancouver Croissant. He is a magician!

chiffOnade, I am honoured that you chose to drop by. Croissants are high maintenance affairs and I understand your aversion; however a PROFESSIONAL CHEF such as yourself should find no challenge at all in rice! You really must try it - a whole universe of possibilities will open up for you.

And finally, you are too kind: I would never dream of comparing my poor site to yours, but thank you all the same.

Graeme, thank you so much but, again, Maged's work. I just proof, bake and enjoy!


Lovely croissants - they made my son weep. The croissant is one of his top 5 foods (kinda tough on me, he's only 9). Now to follow your inspiration and find a place like Vancouver Croissant where I can find them locally!


Those look wonderful - I hope your holidays were nice and relaxing and happy new year to you!


Thanks Kim. Your son certainly does have sophisticated tastes! What are his other 4 faves? Food luck in finding some croissants!


Thanks Hillary! Happy New Year to you too. The holidays were full of food and people...I almost need a rest from all the fun. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi there,

I was searching online to find out where the best croissants in Vancouver are and I came across you blog! I absolutely love croissants and they look delicious. Thank you for sharing! I cannot wait to try them. Are there locations where you can buy fresh ones (ie not frozen ones in boxes)

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The food looks delicious, wish I were there to taste it personally.

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Delicious delicacies you got there. I love to look at it and of course I love to eat them.

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