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07 November 2007



Looks really intriguing, very daring combination! I can imagine the aroma of lychee, but I can't imagine how it would be in this blend of tastes and aromas!
very nice!


I've never tasted lychee and I'm quite curious about it. Lucky you, having that delicious roasted duck so readily available. Great idea to use it in a curry, and the recipe does sound delicious!

C & B

Dear Syrie,

We gave this recipe a go and it was fab. We had duck in a can from France which sounds terrible but is actually amazing. We managed to get the fresh pineapple but not the lychees (which is a shame). We added a few extra veggies - broccoli, peas, carrot, zucchini and a handful of fresh coriander. Very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.


Thank you so much for letting me know about the recipe. I am really happy that it worked out well for you. The canned duck sounds intriuging and I am sure it was delicious. Did it come in some kind of oil or brine?

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Andrew D

Just made and devoured this wonderful recipe - my partner said it was the best curry i have made - isn't she nice?! I cut the duck from leg bones as they were cheaper but much harder to cut! I couldn't find lychees at the supermarket unfortunately :( so that's for next time

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