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25 August 2007


Patricia Scarpin

This is just superb - love all the ingredients you've put together!


This combination is a twice-a-month staple for us.

Our variations:

The mushrooms should be round around the edges. That's a sign they're still fresh.

In NY it's much easier to find Cremini and Portabella mushrooms (which are really the same thing). They work just as well as Shiitake.

Soba (buckwheat noodles) are our choice. The preparation is about the same as for angel hair noodles--or somen, which is a white noodle. Asians rinse noodles in cold water after draining off the boiling water. That's an extra step not necessary with Italian pasta.

We don't use bacon at all. This recipe works well without the bacon. If we want a meat-like taste, we add pan-fried smoked tofu--but that's a story in itself.

If wine isn't handy, fresh lemon juice will do.

Another sauce you can add at the end is Yakisoba Sauce. There are lots of brands. My personal preference is Bulldog. But I'll settle for some of the others.


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