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31 July 2007



Looks great.

I've heard a number of different stories about why its called crying tiger, and have been told it's not because of the heat (though that is what I had assumed the name meant).

One story says that the dish comes from a time when there were many tigers roaming the forests around Isan. When the tigers came to the village in search of food, they would kill cattle. The first Tiger would always get the best meat from the kill. When the second tiger discovered this, it would cry out because its meat wasn't the best.

Another story goes that the meat sounds like a crying tiger as it sizzles on the grill.


I have overpaid the local thai place for this stuff so many times. Now I finally have a reason to make it myself. Thanks!


I have been searching for this recipe, can't wait to try it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


beef is fantastic this way. ul never eat your steak without it again. made a different type of sauce which was too thick and didnt really work so im trying this tonite

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